Saturday, 15 March 2008

_'Hells Angel'

_The Magazine Launch is now only about ten weeks away. So, everything has gone into overdrive - these are a couple of images that are part of an amazing shoot, linked with incredible images by photographer Kristy Noble (see links). The look for the shoot was kind of American Trailer Trash, Very Chloe / Gummo. Valeria (The model) was incredible, and had a kinda edgier darker and younger Kate Moss look. And that tattoo! lets just say it was a fuckin' ace suprise.


_I couldn't remember whether or not I'd blogged this, so on a break from the magazine, I thought Id throw it on the shelf - collage, of Dean Golden - Fabulous Boy. An amazing shoot day, then I put this together about three weeks ago.

Monday, 10 March 2008


_Photograph i've seen in a long time - incredibly and simply shot and lit, retaining intense privacy and really makes you want this flawless girl, and the idea of a sordid weekend of romance, very Parisian, very, very hot.

_Gene Genius

_No reason for this one at all. Just, how great is David Bowie?: Looking dapper as hell, even when having his mug shots taken.


_LV Bin Bags

_This is another image thanks to : I dont know who's created this (if anyone does, please holla at me), but its great, and I really want some, especially to put the rubbish out in the East End of London - Genius.


_I have no idea where this is, or who took it. It just reminds me of a forest known as 'Bluebell Wood' back where i'm from in Yorkshire, and seeing this image made me want to go home and start building something incredible, something escapist, just like this, in 'Bluebell Wood'.

_Pieter Hugo II

_'TAXI WASHERS, DURBAN.' : An amazing set of photographs, by an incredible talent.

_Pieter Hugo I

_Pieter Hugo is a South African-based photographer. He has produced three monographs: Looking Aside (2006), Messina/Musina (2007) and The Hyena & Other Men (2007, above). Upcoming solo exhibitions are with Yossi Milo Gallery in New York and Gallery Extraspazio in Rome in November 2007. Recent group exhibitions include Reality Check: Contemporary art photography from South Africa 2007 at Galerie der Stadt Sindelfingen, travelling to Museum and Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz; An Atlas of Events at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon (2007); Faccia A Faccia: Il nouvo ritratto fotografico at FORMA, Centro Internazionale di Fotografia, Milan (2007); the 27th São Paulo Bienal (2006); and Street: Behind the cliché at Witte de With, Rotterdam (2006). He was included on ReGeneration: 50 Photographers of Tomorrow, 2005-2025 (Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne, and Aperture, New York), an exhibition identifying 50 young photographers who will be considered great by 2025, accompanied by a book published by Thames & Hudson. He won first prize in the Portraits section of the 2006 World Press Photo competition, and was selected as the Standard Bank Young Artist for Visual Art 2007, with an exhibition touring South Africa until July 2008.

_Sally Mann

After graduating in the early 1970's Mann became a staff photographer for Washington and Lee University in her hometown. Her mother ran the university's book store. Her father was the leading physician in town. In the mid-1970s her boss, Frank Parsons, encouraged her to photograph the construction of Washington and Lee's new law school, Lewis Hall.

She first achieved prominence with one-woman exhibition in late 1977 at the Corcoran Galley of Art in Washington, D.C., showing mystical and surrealistic images she took of the construction of a new law building at Washington and Lee.
Mann's work has stimulated controversy beginning with her second published collection, At Twelve: Portraits of Young Women (1988, above is one of those shots). To critics, these portraits "captured the confusing emotions and developing sexual identities of girls at that transitional age, one foot in childhood and one foot in the adult world.", but for many the photographs portray a child's innocence.

Her next collection was Immediate Family in 1992. These images gained notoriety for including nude photographs of her own children. Some critics called her work 'child pornography'. Her photographs continue to be shown in and collected by most major American art galleries and museums.

Dash by Hedi

_Evidently Im loving Hedi's blog at the minute, and today I found this beautifully dark little portrait of Dash Snow - Just really nice, really simple, and I love the way the only way you can tell its Dash is by his tattoos.



_Today I went further again with the Magazine stuff - Still Lives. Boring, as they dont involve cute models (but I'll get that come Thursday anyway - WomensWear Shoot). But none the less today was fun. Oh, and I read a really good article on Rei Kawakubo, while avoiding the rain and having a prolonged breakfast. Right now its 12:47am and Im just about to have some green tea and start researching the idea of going to Berlin this weekend.

_A bit more of a peek, well, alot more actually

_So I realized quite a few people have also seen this image, and I had may aswell stick it up on my Blog. Here it is - 'SuperBody' part II - 1 of 1500 images taken and 1 of 12 to be exhibited in the magazine come its June launch.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

_A Rare Sneak Peek

_Now for those of you who check this, here is something that aint going to be happening much more, until it launches anyway - this is a singular sneak peak shot of the opening page of the shoot I executed this week for one of my final year features. Named 'SuperBody' the idea of the shoot is guys who go further with thier style, and to inspire regular guys not to be affraid of doing something different and architectural with the way the dress. The rest of the shoot, see's incredible garments from 1930's African tribal dress, to early Comme, and Burberry. Original vintage Halsten to military surpless and contemporary talent like Gabriella Gonzales and Jeremy Scott.

Watch out,
Its gonna be huge.

_Unseen Warhol @ Timothy Taylor

_An exhibition of black and white photography by Pop Art icon Andy Warhol is now on at London’s Timothy Taylor Gallery until 29 March. ‘Portraits and Landscapes’ is a compilation of unseen photographs shot by the seminal artist during the last ten years of Warhol’s life and work, and coincides with the 21st anniversary of his death.

During his time spent in Manhattan, London and a plethora of other cities, Warhol photographically documented his everyday life. Consistently preoccupied with objects and matters of the every day, as made famous in his silk-screen paintings of consumer goods such as Campbell’s soup cans and dollar bills, the collection of images gives a fascinating insight into the artist’s life and mind as he captures commonplace objects that were to shape his existence.

From dog food, toilets and storefronts to teacups, mannequins and pigeons, ‘Portraits and Landscapes’ documents everything that Warhol happened upon, illustrating his love for the everyday. Although most famous for his prints, the exhibition reminds the audience of the importance of photography in Warhol’s career; often using the camera as a visual tape recorder and inspiration for his compositions on canvas.

The way in which Warhol used photography to chronicle everyday life has influenced many an aspiring artist, as seen in the recent exhibition from Stephen Shore. Drawing influence from the artist, Shore used Warhol as his muse, capturing his Factory years on film at the tender age of 17.

Through his own exploration of banality, Warhol aimed to democratise all experiences and celebrate the ordinary. In his works ‘Flea Market’ and ‘Litter’, he manages to evoke a sense of melancholy that exist in objects, forever changing the way people view the world – every bit as influential and holding as much resonance today as he did during his own generation.

_My Favourite Contemporary Artist

_Christian Marclay.

Christian Marclay (born 1955) is a visual artist and composer based in New York. Marclay is a former lecturer of video collage and sound at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland where he conducted a summer workshop. Marclay's work explores connections between sound, photography, video, and film. A pioneer of using gramaphone records and turntables as musical instruments to create sound collage, critic Thom Jurek describes Marclay as perhaps the "unwitting inventor of turntablism." His own use of turntables and records, beginning in the mid-1970s, was developed independently of hip hop's use of the instrument, and though not well-known to mainstream audiences, Marclay has nonetheless been described as "the most influential [turntable] figure outside hip hop."

Above is just a small selection of the type of work he produces - everything from sound and video, to collage and paint.

Basically, he's ace.
Check out some of his video's on, oh and his 'wall of tapes' is pretty cool too.

_Sexiest Part

_Of a boy: indented hips, and that perfectly smooth bit in between, hhhmmmmm.
Sorry about that, I was just thinking / blogging out loud.

_New Muse. Old Muse. Everyones Muse.

_So yes, she is now completely over exposed and has lost all initial integrity she once had, but if anyone can bring a glimmer of it back, it HAS to be be Hedi, and I think these do photos do some of that, and if nothing else, they remind me of when I first realized her as a model, with her true and honest beauty.

Check out more of his beautiful images at:

_Its been a while . . .

_Sorry, final year suddenly hit.
I'll blog some stuff now, then try to get at least one hit a day for the next week.

_Firstly: how ace is this . . .

I heart Harmony Corrine,
and Chloe,
and Gummo,
and American trailer trash,
and photos of TV screens,


Cant wait for "Mister Lonelly", out Summer _08