Tuesday, 30 June 2009

_All about Michael VII.

_I'm just noticing him everywhere at the minute - Brick Lane, Sunday afternoon, Image Pelayo.

Michael, I love you.

Monday, 29 June 2009

_All about Michael VI.

_I just wanted to end todays posts by showing these images taken on Friday evening, myself and another friend who had also spent his day crying went down to a 'flash Mob Special' - the Michael Moonwalk Tribute at Liverpool Street Train station, it was amazing - over 3,000 fans, all together, all for michael, laughing and smiling, dancing to his music and doing it for him. Then we went down to 'Thriller' the musical in London's Westend to lay flowers - it was amazing, fans eveywhere, laying tributes. Then upon talking to other fans we discovered alot of people planned to gather on Trafalgar Square just to remember him, sing songs, light candles, lay flowers, once again it was amazing to be around people that felt the same as we did.

A tremendously sad, but equally amazing day.

Michael, I love and miss you xxx

_All about Michael V.

_This, Blew me away...

Shown in paris on June 26, 2009

'Michael Jackson found out about Riccardo Tisci through the pieces of Givenchy's womenswear he'd been wearing, and that's how Tisci came to be working on costumes for Jackson's engagement at the O2 Centre in London. The potential collaboration inspired the gold-star-studded pieces the designer showed in Givenchy’s new menswear collection. He was due to meet his new client for the first time on Monday. Then Destiny intervened—meaning those pieces may eventually be Elvis-like holy relics.' By Tim Blanks for Style.com

Michael, I love you.

_All about Michael IV.

_The official 'Time' magazine tribute, out in the US today, Josh thank you so much for mailing this to me xx

Michael, I love you

_All about Michael III.

_Some incredible Michael inspired art: 'Footstompin' 1991 by Christian Marclay, 'Michael Jackson and Bubbles' 1988 by Jeff Koons and 'Michael Jackson I & Michael Jackson II' 2004 by Philipp Klein.

Although, its pretty easy to create such incredible art from such an incredible person.

Michael, I love you

_All about Michael II.

_My Favourite Michael Cover - Dangerous, 1991. I think this was the first point I really fell for Michael, I was 8, and this cover was just everything to me, then the music inside (on cassette) blew my mind,


The Dangerous album was released on November 26, 1991, and became the fastest selling number one album, breaking the records by entering the charts at #1 only 3 days after it's release, It was also the first album released by Sony music that had a Thursday release date, rather than the traditional Monday release.

This was the first solo album by Michael Jackson that was not produced by Quincy Jones.

The 'Dangerous' album produced 9 singles from it's 14 tracks; "Black Or White", "Remember The Time", "Jam", "In The Closet", "Heal The World", "Who Is It", "Will You Be There", and "Gone Too Soon". The "Black Or White" single made a 32-spot jump on the Pop singles charts, breaking the Beatles' record set by their song "Let It Be" in 1970.

The album has sold over 21 million copies worldwide to date.

Track Listings:
Jam (written by Michael Jackson)
Why You Wanna Trip On Me (written by Teddy Riley & Bernard Bell)
In The Closet (written by Michael Jackson & Teddy Riley)
She Drives Me Wild (written by Michael Jackson & Teddy Riley)
Remember The Time (written by Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley & Bernard Bell)
Can't Let Her Get Away (written by Michael Jackson & Teddy Riley)
Heal The World (written by Michael Jackson)
Black Or White (written by Michael Jackson & Bill Bottrell)
Who Is It (written by Michael Jackson)
Give In To Me (written by Michael Jackson & Bill Bottrell)
Will You Be There (written by Michael Jackson)
Keep The Faith (written by Glen Ballard, Siedah Garrett, & Michael Jackson)
Gone Too Soon (written by Larry Grossman & Buz Kohan)
Dangerous (written by Michael Jackson, Bill Bottrell & Teddy Riley)

Just looking back through these track listings gives me goosebumps - The memories from each track - The incredible video with Michael Jordan and a plethora of other 90's music stars for 'Jam', it's still one of my favourite ever music videos (only Rivaled by Michael and Janets 'Scream' FYI - still the most expensive video ever made) Jam also has another of my favourite 'spots' - the infamous 'Kim Jones Crown' long before Kim ever made it. I also just remembered 'In The Closet' with a 'Rican themed' Naomi Campbell - IN-credible. Not to mention to more famous and more internationally groundbreaking - 'Remember the Time', 'Heal the World' and the track my Mom tells me is the first song I ever knew all thw words to 'Black or White' with a Guitar intro by rock Legend Slash and Macaulay Culkin and John Goodman, at thier peaks - GENIUS.

Michael, I love you xxx

_All about Michael I.

_So, the last few days have been real hard, with impromptu tears at any time, but I decided to make it more of a positive thing, having seen the amazing international tributes pour in over the last few days, as well as upset me, it has also made me smile, he was amazing, he was genius, he was the last of the great legends, but at the same time he was massively toremented, and cant have had much of a happy existance, so as much as it pains me, I think Rev Jesse Jackson put it better than I ever could "We are out of our joy. He is out of his pain."

Michael, I love you, these next few are for you xxxx

Friday, 26 June 2009

_A Dark Day. . .

_Today I have no words, to those of you who know me, you know how this has affected me.

Rest in Peace our prince of Neverland xxx

Monday, 22 June 2009

_I'm Blown Away

_Here are a couple of preview shots of a collaboration I'm working on with a friend at the minute. I'm saying nothing more, I just had to share this persons incredible talent - These are freaking drawings! Look out for more previews in the next few weeks.

_Smoke Screen

_Saturday night saw my dear friend/straight boyfriend and housemate turn 24, instead of a big party, we held 'Smoke Screen' aka - An evening of friends, films, music, drinks, a smoke machine and a massive projector in an east London basement

Film screenings ran as follows, with pictures above,

8.00pm - 2001 : A Space Odyssey
9.26pm - Koyaanisqatsi
11.47pm - Le Ballon Rouge
00.22am - Metropolis
02.22am - Electroma
03.36am - Boys in the Hood

It was an ACE night.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

_My Desk

_This is currently what surrounds and inspires me


_Top: an image of myself in Paris for the Menswear Shows this January, where, on this night Nicola Formichetti came up to me and told me how he loved my look for the night - backwards feathers through hair, distressed leathers and patents, hair binds, heavy rough eyebrows, Furs and Silver accessories, cut up chest bearing cotton vests etc.

Bottom: Next month's cover shoot for Dazed and Confused, styled by Nicola Formichetti - backwards feathers through hair, distressed leathers and patents, hair binds, heavy rough eyebrows, Furs and Silver accessories, cut up chest bearing cotton vests etc.

Nice Idea ;)

_RBPMstudio Preview

_Two of 10,000 postcards that went to print this week as part of a re-brand the studio is currently working on for 'The Academe' to see more, check www.vintageacademe.blogspot.com


_Lara Stone - Simply IN-credible


_Bocklin's 'Isle of the Dead', it just keeps on inspiring me, day from day - simply awe inspiring.

_RBPMstudio Johnson Preview

_Above is the current logo type - We're not entirely convinced yet, which is why I've blogged it - To get some feed back. Thoughts? - rbpmstudio@googlemail.com

_Sofa Desires

This piece by Juhl Finn is all I want right now - and a clean snip at £3,000.

Juhl Finn (1912-1989) was first and foremost famous for his furniture. In the 1940s, he broke with the established furniture tradition and designed a number of creations that regenerated Danish furniture design. At the MilanTriennials in the 1950s, he was awarded no fewer than five gold medals and won international acclaim for his furniture. But Finn was also an architect, and was the man behind the major showings of Danish applied art abroad which created the concept "Danish design" and paved the way for the Danish furniture industry´s export triumphs in the 1960s.

_My New Home

_I seem to spend more time at The Russian Club Studios than anywhere else right now. I recently joined the online collection for the studios, launched by Tomorrows Studios. Inspiring Space, Inspiring People, Inspiring collective - Check us out at www.theclubrooms.co.uk

_Jeanettes Opening

_"This Tuesday, something very special indeed happened in an East London garage. Jeanette - 'it girl', door whore and general 'girl about town' opened her own eponymous fashion store. Everyone from Gareth Pugh and Louise Gray to Tim Noble and Sue Webster, turned out to the 'Reggae' themed opening (fuelled by rum punch and Asahi beers). It got raucous - the police arrived, but the party continued regardless!" words Richard Mortimer for PonyStep

FYI: The reason for the Kim Jones Archive image is that Jeanettes is also stocking Archive Jones for the boys - Including this boiler suit - I want it, so badly.

One final thing - The branding - M/M Paris?!

_Pencils & Coloured Crayons

_I found these amazing illustrations by Cedric Rivrain on my mate Yangs blog: http://yangli.eu/blog/ I've seen Rivrain's work many times before, it'd just be great to see it all together - And he's currently exhibiting in Paris at the Branchfeld Gallery 78 Rue des Archives 75003.

Truly beautiful, like contemporary David Downton.

_Its been 5 days . . .

_Since I last blogged on here - I've been mad busy working on three huge personal projects as well a collosal launched planned for thr end on this month, alongside my usual work at World of Interiors. oh well, I'm back, all inspired by what I've seen over the last week (stay tuned for updates) but lets start with this lovely shot from 'Work in Progress' of all thier open 'Self Service's' - Glorious.

_Kim Jones Archive

_Despite shutting down within the last 2 years, Kim Jones’ fashion prowess under his self-titled brand has already seen a re-emergence as Kim Jones Archive under the help of Japanese retailer Eliminator. Among the upcoming releases is the 2006-release, the “See Through” cap. Embodying Kim Jones’ sportswear themes, the See Through cap is arguably a much different approach to aesthetics then your usual fitted and snap-back assortments.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

_RBPMstudio Luke for Johnson Preview II

_I just found this image in all the shots taken last week, and it satisfied me so much, I just had to preview it.


_This is the backbone of everything that is inspiring me today.