Tuesday, 20 July 2010

_Studio Preview

_This double image is the promo image for a current project I'm working on - I will post more in the next week. But it will 'launch' over London Fashion week, and will be ACE. The double image was shot by hyper talented young German photographer Chrisitain Oita. Thats all I can say for now, but, stay tuned.

_Recommended . . .

_Belvoir Elderflower cordial. In this weather, heavily iced, its probably the best thing on earth. I'm literally living on it at the minute.


_I love this image from the latest Man About Town. The rest of the shoot is a bit samey, but this image is just stunning, styled by Joe McKenna and Shot by Willy Vanderperre.

_Living in Extremes

_I dont want to say to much about this image, as the photographer and his work are appearing in a current project I'm working on. Non the less, how incredible? - I am in the process of buying this A0 sized 'ice car park' image - It makes me so happy, yet sad, and I love that feeling.

_Givenchy Couture

_SS11, melts me, completely. I dont know what more I can say, mildly preppy, religious, iconic, simple, clean, decadent, so many confusing thoughts!?

_Cuban Hideaway

_I adore these pictures, I can for the life of me remember who took them. But I do remember my reason for pulling them was the fact I think they truly encapsulate the spirit of the Casa's in Havana (Casa's are private houses you can stay in, but can only find them via word of mouth. Most are in old colonial houses, and filled with historic and mismatched pieces of furniture ranging from about the 1850's to about 1960 when 'modern western' contact was cut). Having spent 6 weeks there in the summer of '08 I have never been so inspired/scared/drained by a country. I feel the worn elegance of these images really capture the past anger against modern hope of Cuba's future.

If you know who took these images, please let me know, and I will of course credit them.

_Todays inspiration . . .

_My friend V's Metalic Raf DM's, worn with skintight grey denim (very Daria), sat at the bus stop outside Dazed&Confused magazines office. V is the lead singer of 'Karl Lagerfeld's new favourite band' Teeth, and she's totally cool ;)

Monday, 19 July 2010


_For the first time in while I had to put some portfolio pieces together today, for not only new work but also to get everything up to date and photographed at the end of this week. It was nice to look back on the past years work - There's been ALOT. But (most of it) I'm so proud of, and each piece was a brilliant learning curve!

Here's to the next 12 months.

_Addicted, Palace.II

_My two new Palace T's that I picked up in 'Presents' on Shoreditch High Street in East LDN last week. I love their simple triangle logo T, but at the same time cant resist a bit of cult pixelated imagery.

BTW: check our presents sale for some amazing bits of Alife, BBC, Raf and Folk classics.


_It not often that I find modern shoots inspiring, but this couture story in this months V is truly iconic. 'Paradise Lost' features Dafne at Ford styled by highly desired young stylist Robbie Spencer, and photographed by Sebastian Faena. I totally adore it, especially the shown image.

_Festival Fun

_So as mentioned below, yesterday was the closing day of Lovebox in Victoria Park and it was an ace, music/drink filled day in the sun - All of which was totally called for. Here are some bits . . .

_Lets Just Talk About . . .

_The Original Diva, Miss Grace Jones, who totally ripped up the stage at East London's closing night of 'Lovebox' with an incredible career spanning set.

The 62 year old (!?) Jamaican-American singer, who was 25 minutes late (of course), pulled in a huge crowd for a spectacular performance on the Main Stage at Victoria Park which saw her make a costume change for EVERY SONG as she reeled off tracks stretching right back to her 1977 debut album 'Portfolio'.

Arriving onstage at the drop of a huge black curtain, Jones greeted the crowd on a raised platform in the middle of the stage wearing DeHaviland 8" snakeskin platform heels, A lace body suit, velvet corset, a black satin jacket and Treacy lace and feather facemask, as she kicked off her show with 'Night Clubbing'.

Introducing herself after the song she snarled: "This is my voice, my weapon of choice"

She then launched into 'This Is' from her most recent 2008 album 'Hurricane' before she turned the clock and stepped back on the raised platform for 'My Jamaican Guy' from her 1982 album 'Living My Life'.

Throughout the show she wore several Phillip Treacy hats and face masks and danced around a poll on a spinning turntable, declaring "If I could I'd play them all for you darlings, but I must finish, I need something in my mouth!".

At one point she arrived onstage, dressed in a sparkly black tuxedo and white top hat with a glass of red wine before she introduced 'La Vie En Rose', her reworking of 40s French singer Edith Piaf's signature tune, which featured on Jones' 1977 debut 'Porfolio'.

The biggest cheer came for her own signature tune 'Pull Up To The Bumper', which saw Jones strut down to the barrier and shake hands with several members of the crowd as she sang before they were showered in ticker tape.

She then sang her Roxy Music cover of 'Love Is The Drug' under a giant green laser beam and mirror ball bowler hat just 24 hours after Bryan Ferry and his band played the same track.

"I did want to do two more songs," she said acknowledging her late arrival, "But we are waking up everybody who is asleep already!"

She then closed her set with 'Dance To The Rhythm' while hula-hooping all the way through the 9 minute track, then, still hula-hooping, she introduced her band and finally hula hooped offstage.

Grace Jones played:

'Night Clubbing'
'This Is'
'My Jamaican Guy'
'Demolition Man'
'I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)'
'Love You To Life'
'La Vie En Rose'
'Williams' Blood'
'Pull Up To The Bumper'
'Love Is The Drug'
'Slave To The Rhythm'

A true Icon.
Image by Andy Warhol.

_Currently Watching . . .

_'Andy Warhol's Trash' 1968,
Directed By Paul Morrissey

A heroin junkie (Joe Dallesandro) works as a prostitute to support his habit and fund an abortion needed by the girlfriend of his lesbian wife. His seedy encounters with delusional and damaged clients, and dates with drag queens and hustlers are heavy on sex, drugs and decadence.

_AH+ Spreads

_Just some lovely spreads from the last AH+ from Creative Director Neville Brody

_Addicted, Palace.I

_From general T and deck graphics and film promos, to the branding use of Anger inspired imagery, I heart everything about UK skate brand Palace. Easily one of the best new brands on the market right now. Check them out at select boutiques across LDN.


_I love a worn backpack, and especially if its Khaki/brown canvas with those full leather straps, there's just something about it that makes me think of being a kid, and going to build tree houses / Dens in the woods.


_This weeks Promise . . .

_To make up for the last few weeks terrible posting continuity - This week I promise to post at least three ace things a day.

Starting with my new favourite thing to do on my bookshelves at the minute - Postcards, just blue tacked, in the middle of a stack, the stack is slowly changing, so its nice to change the postcard on a regular basis. And if you're anything like me - I just keep buying postcards that I never do anything with, so this is quite satisfying.

Note: one at once only, we're wanting graphic interest, not dodgy holiday postcards on the fridge. Plus the magazines still need to be available easily.