Tuesday, 18 December 2007

_All I Want For Christmas

Those amazing Keith Haring print Heels and matching tights.
That kitsch as hell corner sofa.
The incredible white ceramic panther.

Chloe Sevigny as a muse.


_Just such a good idea: the uncontrolably influential Graphic designer Alan Fletcher's collection of alphabet letters to do collage work with. Not only is the idea amazing, but also the aesthetic of all of the organised paper 'letter bags' together. Look out for further Fletcher based posts, aswell as 'Collection' posts, as they are such a massive part of mine and many of my mates lives.

Image taken last year at the 'A. Fletcher Retrospective' in London's Design Museum.


_Just a bit of a random 'graphics themed' blog - check out these awsome NYC based exhibition posters.

_Bright like neon love.

So, you got nothing to wear on a night out, what to do?

Quite simply explode full balloons of powder paint all over ones simple black suit or body - easy.
Just dont come crying to me when the dry cleaner tells you you've ruined your favourite Prada suit.

(F.Y.I This was a shoot I worked on for Dutch menswear magazine 'HE' - kick ass idea, kick ass final result, check it out)
Featured suits by Yohji Y and Deryck Walker (check later blogs for the awsome tailoring of Mr Walker)

_Bunny Sex T's

_Another little 'RBPM' number: Completely inappropriate BugsBunny sex Tshirts, hand screen printed, and the two designs are part of a numbered limited 20 piece run. I got a few of each design left in varying sizes, they retail at £18.00, gimmi a shout if you want one.


_Thinspiration Dolls

_Check out these awsome 'Inspiration Dolls' from last seasons John Galliano shows. The idea is this - each catwalk model is assigned a specific 'inspiration doll' to help her and the designer get a 'mood' for each look.

fantastic idea,
fantastic memoir of the show.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

_Home for the holidays

Thats right,
I've left my little London den.

I'm currently travelling back to the Yorkshire Dale's for christmas. May be back to the city for a Boombox New Years, or possibly the Ilse of Man for a rave in a cabin on the beach (you'll be kept updated). Due to this, im not sure how much i'll be blogging, but i have plenty yet to go up, so i will do my best to blog at least once a week over the festive season.

Needless to say i'll wholeheartly miss my town and my gang,
but my wellies are calling me . . .


Check out this amazing conceptual typeface by young graphic designer Ric Bell (see links). Based around the movements of a cube, I personally feel that its strength lies in the challenge of reading such a beautifully put together form.

Triso takes the designer back to shape and layout, rather than stipulations of subject matter.


_Just as a bit of christmas party season styling inspiration, Kate Moss from 'Pop' 13, Autumn Issue, October 2006. Loving the autumn toned afro curl and metalic feathers. The pink wig image has also been turned into a rude as hell T by hot new street brand MPU (blog image to come soon, as its currently my favourite T and need to find a time when its not on my back!).

_The Wapping Project

_Right, my train leaves to take me back to the country in a few hours, but i just had to take a moment to blog about this incedible resturant / arts space. Suprisingly enough based in Wapping in east London, i recently ate thier with friends for my Birthday, and it so so good, the food is unreal (and changes seasonly/monthly, see this months menu above) and the space itself is even better, with the main 'dining hall' in the centre of an old power station, with all machinery left in, just covered in flickering candles . Then once you have finished dinner, you are invited by the owners (who still work thier everyday) to view the current Art Space, which is another huge and starkly beautiful warehouse space.

Well worth checking out, especially with the christmas season in full swing.

Monday, 10 December 2007

_Londons Kerning

_Im headed to the V&A tommorow, to make full use of The National Arts Libary for my thesis. But when in there i shall be returning to an exhibition i found when visiting last week. It's in one of the back rooms on the third floor, in a room entitled 'Contemporary Mapping'. This is one of the pieces displayed in the small exhibition, Entitled 'Londons Kerning' and produced by Muller-Brockman it's simply awe inspiring.

_Chloe Sevigny

_Piece together polaroid images from a really old 'Self Service' i found in the Nylon offices in NYC. Im Blogging this image for no other reason than Miss Sevigny is perfection. oh, the graphic aint bad either, but do French magazine 'Self Service' ever produce anything that is anything less than flawless?!

_Kristy Noble

_Check out the beautiful and unsettling work of this young photographers interior images (see links). Shot on a medium format camera, Noble's work displays a quiet confience to truly and honestly capture the empty homes of strangers from elderly peoples homes in Missouri (top three images) to Student living in Leeds (Bottom three images).


_The fifth issue is currently in production and will be on sale in the New Year. It is in a new and very exciting format and includes a massive 'still life set up' which was ace fun working on.

Keep posted for futher updates and a re;ease date.

I can also inform you that it will retail at £15.00 per issue, as its a pretty insane format that hasn't been cheap to produce, which also means i have only had 8 printed - get your orders in!


_Not much can be said about RBPM004. It was a personal project designed (at the time) to be private, and viewed only by a few select people. In the future this may change, all i will say is this, it was entitled 'Design For Revenge'

I'll keep you posted if it goes into large scale production. But at the moment, only 3 of the Four set of posters have been produced.


_The third issue of RBPM is still in production (even though other issues have suceeded it) it has been, to put it lightly, a bastard. Due to the fact that it is being lazer cut into old wooden door panels. This idea can be seen, in the incedible 'RefilSeven Exhibition' (Image shown above)

'An exhibition allowing artists to explore the idea of lasering away at seven layers of ply that make a deck and add their own distinctive mark. A select group of artists globally have contributed their works to explore this new technology. Only 50 limited edition decks have been produced per artist. The aim of the show is to have a series of unique decks that collectors may choose to ride or display.

The exhibition had its first show at the MTV Gallery Space in Sydney, Australia on Thursday 29th March 2007, it was followed later in the year by New York, LA, Japan and finally a scheduled tour of Europe in 2008.

So watch out for both this tour and RBPM003 in 2008.


This was the second issue of RBPM, and the point at which it really started to come into its own aesthetic - with a new heading type, and issue theme. The publication itself was quite literally on one page, A0 in size, it was more about layout than anything else, which was quite a challenge as the issue had nearly 10 contributors. All of who's work can be seen in full on the RBPM myspace - myspace.com/rbpmfanzine.

The issue is still available, as it is merely an A0 photocopy, it comes packaged in a brown card tube, which once again has the sticker branding, including an incredible illustration by Anna Higgie.

It retails, once again, at £6.00

_ RBPM001.

_Just to archive,

This is the first issue of RBPM. Produced in Novemeber 2006, it was a limited run of 50 copies, they are now all gone apart from a few that are still kicking round my room. The publication itself was hand made and metal spiral bound in A5 format on a series of differing papers. then that issue was dropped into a photocopier and copied scale size but on A4 paper, leaving a large black border around every page. then the 30 page issue was plastic spiral bound with greyboard covers and 'sticker' branding.

It retailed at £6.00

_George Bennett

_So, im currently working freelance for Nylon magazine alongside my final year at uni. This weekend (on my lunch hour from 'paid' work) i shot new band Dejour 'These New Puritans' for the February issue. They were really ace guys, but it was George, the drummer, who had a certain something about him. Maybe its his time as Hedi Slimane's muse in Paris or maybe its just his 'Rock Star cool' but the boys damn fine, and takes a pretty good photo.


_I just thought i'd share one of my favourite magazine covers ever.

Ironically enough it went to print while i was working for the Sports fashion editor of 'Pop'. So maybe it has something to do with the fact that I knew the work that went into the images.

Shot by iconic photographers of this generation Mert and Marcus, Courtney Love is shown minimally glad in S&M wear openly displaying her newly 'reshaped' body to the world in a madonna 'sex' Vs. Betty page kind of way, and what gets me even more about the images is they were completely un-touched up. The images that were shot, went to print exactly how they looked on the day. Ace.


_Amazing flagship store in Zurich, from the makers of the slightly dodgy 'Ecobag'
but the store is great, made from stacked shipping containers, with glass ends, so by night this place looks even better.

_The Face

_I found this today, after spending my afternoon completely hung over from last nights Boombox. Which just got me thinking about inspirations. The Face was such a huge influence on my upbringing - being trapped away in the Yorkshire Dales i looked to independant publishing for inspiration, and this is one on the main magazines that inspired it, and you can see why.

_Help Needed

_If anyone was at the above show during Paris Fashion Week this season, and they happen to have the program from the show, could you please please contact me at _ rbpmfanzine@hotmail.com

I was unaware of the fact that i was a contributor to the show (through streetpeeper.com) until after it had finished, and i would love the program credits for my portfolio which im currently working on.

Thank you.

_ Muse001

_This is an ongoing project im working on (so expect more in the future) of female models and friends who i shoot regulary and who inspire me to do more. Patricia (shown above) is the first 'proper' shoot i did in London 2 years ago. I refound these shots the other week, and among ALOT of terrible photos i found these 3, which reminded me of why i started this project.

Incedibly inspiring girl.
Incredible inspiring model.

_Slimane Diary

_Is there anything this guy cant do?! this 'blogesque' site is amazing, a kind of personal photographic diary of Hedi Slimane with dated photographs uploaded most days.

check it out at_ www.hedislimane.com/diary

_Upstairs Living

You'll see alot more of this, as i have a mild addiction to tree houses. dunno why? there's just something so calming about them.