Thursday, 27 August 2009

_Room with a view . . .

_I need some fresh air and am craving the edge, so have worked my arse off for the last few days and am going to hang out with my family and this view for 6 days xx

Monday, 24 August 2009

_RBPMStudio Preview

_A tiny crop of an unfinished piece an incredible illustrator is working on for a current project, Stay tuned for more (/any) information ;)

Update: this image was immediately changed, evidently it was far too obvious, Thanks RSM ;)

_Thanks to the bStore Boys

_I'm now mildly obsessed by the concept and imagery of 'Encens' Magazine.
Check it out.
So cheers Matthew, thats another magazine to start adding to the mountains ;)

_Video Icon: 'Run This Town'

_If I could be in any video at the minute it'd be the heavy weight anarchic punk genius of JayZ's new track 'Run This Town' featuring Rhianna and Kanye. Freakin brilliant to see them all in the video together rather than cut together after filming. The 'studded up' video looks awsome, as does the combinations of Rick Owens, Givenchy & Gareth sat alongside classic rude boy stylings - smooth as oil. And Jay quoting Margiela?! - Dont start me.

_BUTT # 27

_"We’ve been working on this one for a long time and now it’s finally ready for public consumption: BUTT Issue # 27 is BUTT’s first ever ‘Straight’ issue, and it’s packed with all kinds of incredible and extremely unusual heterosexualists discussing the amazing and steamy lives they lead. There is Miss Laci, a straight cross-dresser and grandfather of six from Kentucky, hot and steamy supermodel Tony Ward known to all gays as the big dicked star of Bruce LaBruce’s film Hustler White, Almodóvar-actress and certified/possibly certifiable fag hag Rossy de Palma, Lard, the handsome Dutch guy-next-door who loves sparkling pussy, the straight man behind the oldest and most influential gay sex theater in America, and of course sexy cover boy, Dominican carpenter Angel – and that’s just to name a few. There’s a reason the ‘Straight’ on the cover is in quotations, and you’ll find out why when you get the issue…"

Out next Monday.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

_On Current Reading List . . .

_Frances Milstead: 'My Son Divine'
A beautifully written biography from a proud mother that reads more like a tribute. Most people will unfortunately always remember Divine as the obnoxious drag queen who's work in John Waters' early movies shocked people all over the world. This book show's the real man, Glenn Milstead, behind the makeup. The shy, loving, giving person that preferred to be known as an actor rather than a drag queen. Full of rich stories & anecdotes from Glenn's mother, friends, associates and other Dreamlanders, we see a jolly man who loved buying things for people he loved even when it went beyond his means. There are plenty of rare photos of Divine from his childhood up until his untimely death in 1988. John Waters said it best when he said that Divine was a wonderful character actor who started off playing a psychopathic woman and ended playing a loving mother...which is a good stretch, especially when you're a 300lb man.

Thomas Ruff: 'Jpegs'
In 2007, Thomas Ruff completed his monumental Jpegs series, which explores the distribution and reception of images in the digital age. First gathered in a deluxe, oversized 2008 trade edition, the series is now available in this limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist.

_Shapes & Mountains

_Totally Delicious

Friday, 21 August 2009

_RBPMstudio Preview HMB bStore Exhibit

_In store now,
Go check it out x

_RBPMstudio Preview HMB bStore Windows

_The Window graphics went into bStore yesterday, totally pleased, and even more pleased with the fact that my vinyl cutter had to leave the machine running all night, to get the details of all my finger prints and imperfections cut into the vinyl.


Thursday, 20 August 2009

_Me & my boy

_Its still going so well with Finley, he's totally adorable, takes me out in the sun, and even sits and waits outside the White Cube Gallery while I have lunch down the road with friends (see above) - so cute.

_Want Want Want

_Raf for Eastpack AW08, grey, black or navy, WHY didn't I buy one? - Such an ASS.

_RBPMstudio Preview bStore Exhibit Publication

_Back to my favourite place at the end of last week - The newspaper printers, sorting the publication for the new Exhibit 'Figments III' by Henry Mackay-Bull at Bstore. Another ACE day at the printers, its so nice seeing imagery coming to life.

_My Nail Palette . . .

_Totally rules.
I'm working a constant stream of % greys, mixing up the combos every time, adding a little more white to the bottle for each mix up, meaning no palette ever comes out the same.


_Purple Fashion #12

_Backstage shot of Mr Richardson shooting the cover for this seasons issue - total brilliance.

_Sleepy Morning Bed Boys

_Possibly the best and cutest thing ever.

_Want Want Want

_Terrence Koh crushed pearl T for Opening Ceremony, out this fall, Birthday gifts . . .

_Style Icon, Frida

_Sat at my desk the other day wearing an embroidered and draped 'blanket top' over jeans, and hair woven with objects and bound with classic african prints, it began to dawn on me that the more I see images of her, the more I feel I'm turning into her.

What a look, what an icon.


_The 1990 CK Marky and Kate campaigns are inspiring me no end at the minute. After getting the original Marky campaign posters, they're the next thing I need to adorn my inspiration filled walls.

_Want Want Want

_The Maison Martin Margiela issue of 'A' magazine.
All gone now, but damn I wish I had it.

_Ellis Scott at 'Digitaria'

_On the night of possibly the worse London downpours ever, Ellis decided to open his first solo show at the Digitaria Gallery on Berwick street in Soho, a suprisingly packed turn out, with, as expected, Ellis's shots of the london underground performance scene taking centre stage.

Well done mate, here's to the start of something big xx