Sunday, 30 November 2008

_Shaun Santos Samson

_So Friday just gone I had an amazing but manic day - first thing I shot the most amazing little editoral for 'Nylon Guys' Spring issue - the above shots of Callan he is wearing an amazing new brand called 'Shaun Santos Samson' - look out for more of Shauns stuff soon, aswell as some more shots from this shoot - these shots are nothing campared to the fun imagery that was shot!

I'm currently away shooting in Devon (I left straight after Fridays shoot) - So I wont be blogging for a few days, but when I return expect ALOT - I have a massive backlog of current work to get up, as well as some amazing new books, artists and current inspirations I have found

Monday, 24 November 2008

_New XL T's

_Arriving the end of this week, with the oversized above sick graphic,
£20 - Holla if you want ;)

Friday, 21 November 2008


_Fanzine137 is an independent art, image and fashion publication made in Spain by Luis Venegas.  

Each new edition features unseen and unexpected works from artists worldwide. 

One of the keys to Fanzine137’s style is mixing top-name personal artwork with young talent on the verge of discovery, alongside legendary, mythical artists rarely featured in today’s magazines. Albert Folch Studio does the graphic design. 

Fanzine137 is a biannual limited edition publication of 1137 numbered copies for all those who love images and enjoy seeking special projects in printed paper.  

And I Absolutely love it,
And pretty much everything Luis Venegas does (he also does the oversized homoesque 'Electric Youth Magateen')
The website is lovely as well - clean, informed, kind of industrial, and generally brilliant.


_And mental shelving units kind of love them, and at the same time dont understand them at all - but think it might be how full they are, think they'd work better in a clean warehouse space, with a bit less on them and around them, but, the design itself is brilliant.

_I currently really want . . .

_Washed out pink hair, but I'm not sure I want 26" long washed out pink hair, I want a washed out rockabilly roll quiff, that can then collapse out into a scuffy grunge fringe and roll good with a slouched beanie or blak B boy cap.

Damn it.

memo: I know all the images are girls, but they wear it so well, oh, except paul (Bottom) and his works SO SO well.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


_So the begining of this week saw the 20th and last ever POP magazine hit the stands, and like a true magazine geek, I cried reading it, dunno why (gayboy) But its just ace, and such an epic 'animal themed' one to end on.

And Suburbia have done DAMN good on the gatefold cover design (above) all 20 covers, which I just couldn't get over how iconic each and everyone has become, from Kate to Agyness, Victoria to Madonna, Gisele to Jennifer and Courtney to Drew - All AMAZING. I spoke to the Art Director this evening and although he's sad its gone (aren't we all), they have already started the exciting work on 'LOVE' magazine- the next chapter of 'POP' launched under Conde Nast from Vogue House, Fall 2009 - Hows that for 'paper publications dead' - whatever.


_It just struck a cord.
and I'm trying.
Damn hard.

_Completely Satisfying

_Bedroom imagery, all these rooms are totally different but some how all equally as calming and pleasing. I think my favourite has to be the bottom image - all those book shelves are SO soothing - want want want.

_Josh Gurrie

_A dear friend, the ex Art Director of Nylon, a team member of the recent Luella Newpaper and a damn talented, Australian born, New York based illustrator - Stay tuned for future collaborative projects, and a certain project that's gonna smash it.

The top few images were created for the Pagan themed Luella Newspaper, and the bottom image was a set of T-shirt graphics commissioned for Tsubi S/S07

_Tom Ford Spin

_So good.

_F+R go slightly off the rails . . .

_So you may remember me mentioning the the second part of the shoot I did last week (the first part being 'Council Boiz') - well, here are some sample spreads from it - it was my 4th shoot of the day, and the boys just wanted to mess about, so we just went for it - Chanel, Gucci, Jeremy scott, D&G, Bernhard Willhelm and JCDC - Fun was had all round, from stlying to photography.

_Zoe Kravitz

_Jesus, girl grew up, damn fine!
But with Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet as parents would you expect anything less perfect?!


-A bit of a congratulations here, to a very talented friend of mine who just got a job as assistant to Mario Testino - but with shots like the above, would you expect anything less?!


_On a cute boy theme ;)


_I see an image of Kieth,
I literally melt:
he's so gorgeous,
and talented,
and New York.


_The cute little Texan model (backwards cap), is an absolute dream, oh, the Homme+ shoot is pretty damn hot too ;)


_Brilliant - Black over white, lovely bit of clean graphics.

_Kenneth Capello Blog

_Just some lovely bits and pieces I've pulled from his recent posts.
love his blog, I just wish he had the time to blog more.

_Anger in the Ex-Asylum

_'The Imperial War Museum is delighted to mark the arrival of All Hallows Eve with a presentation of films by Hollywood's legendary Kenneth Anger. Alongside the classic Scorpio Rising (1964), Anger will present two London premieres: a "poetic/ironic reverie" of the Hitler Youth titled Ich Will! (2008) and a study of the appeal of the military uniform, Uniform Attraction (2008).'

2:00pm, Friday 31st October 2008
Admission Free

Imperial War Museum Cinema
Lambeth Road
London SE1 6HZ

. . . It was amazing.
Kenneth Anger is my new big shiny gay icon - he's so cool, and tanned, and unaware, and slightly unhinged - ACE

_The best wrapping paper ever . . .

_Jeremy Scott featuring Kieth Haring illustrations.
Then it was all wrapped with Jeremy Scott for AdiColour black shoe laces.
Oh and it all wrapped that green hologram Comme Des Garcons wallet I wanted so badly for my birthday.

<3 Shaun xx

_Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Hidden Rooms

_Taking its title from a novel about the journey from alienation to self-acceptance by Truman Capote, of whom Warhol was a fan, Other Voices, Hidden Rooms, is an attempt to “do” Warhol as he has not been “done” before. As such, we don’t get the Elvis’ or the Mau’s or Jackie O’s.

Instead, we get the letters, postcards and party invites of the time capsules, the magazine covers and record sleeves, the Polaroids, the Factory diaries, the tape-recorded interviews, the TV shows, the screen tests and the films in an attempt to demonstrate the entirety of Warhol’s zygotic output from which no subject was either too trivial or to be excluded or too grand to be transmuted into something shiny and pop, death included.

We get Warhol’s Polaroids of Duchamp, Burroughs and Jimmy Carter alongside those of Sly Stallone and Debbie Harry – politicians and pop stars, great artists and cult legends, each buying into the other’s myth in a mutually beneficial transaction of endorsement and adoration.

And we get footage of Warhol’s elderly mother in bed and interviews with Truman Capote in Trader Vic’s. We get his one-shot films of the Empire state building, of Candy Darling singing and of artist Nekke Carson painting a portrait of Warhol with a brush held between the cheeks of his bottom, as all the stuff that usually ends up on the cutting room floor is put back in as the main event.

Much of this is the aesthetic equivalent of watching paint dry – only this paint is no ordinary paint but what happens to paint when you put a camera in front of it; paint which becomes trashy and glamorous and disturbingly compulsive all at once. But then, “I like boring things,” Warhol claimed. If the producers of Big Brother haven’t already studied this footage to death for tips, then surely they should.

The famous screen prints of flowers and accidents, by contrast, seem almost superfluous next to the borderline obsessive compulsive project of the diaries and films, as if they in fact were the side show.

Throughout, there is the sense of Warhol’s short attention span and of his whimsically wanting to photograph, then film, then make a magazine, or a TV show, or whatever else might have taken his fancy that morning, suggesting a rapid assimilation of media and equally speedy production of it. But there is also a woozy, dream-like quality to the screen tests and their extension of a split second photograph into long, drawn out minutes along with their suggestion of the impossibility of ever gazing too long upon the turned up nose of Edie Sedgewick as if it were one of the great mysteries of the universe. But most of all, there is the sense amongst all the perpetual performing, producing and recording, of reality itself being staged and broadcast to the world as Brand Warhol. For if Andy meant one thing, he meant business.

Words by Rachel Newsome for

Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Hidden Rooms.
The Hayward.
Until 18th January 2009.

Saturday, 15 November 2008


_My current favourite calinfornian based design studio, Set up by Vincent Pacheco - Its just ace, everythings just so different, and has a real 'ballsy' element to it, it shows complete conviction, and is just brilliant.

Check more work out at:

_Karim Sadlis

_Brilliant photographer Karim Sadlis portfolio is an experience of instant pleasure and true beauty. This selection of black and white photographs from his exquisite work - how he plays with volume, haute couture, great composition and all those beautiful boys with their necklaces and lots of skin showing... Enjoy