Saturday, 28 February 2009

_This Evening . . .

_I'm going to the ICA to see 'The Universe of Keith Haring' - and I cant wait! He's just so, so fine.

'A portrait of the cartoony genius whose mantra was "Art is for everyone!" It features interviews and archive footage of Fab 5 Freddy, Jeffrey Deitch, Kim Hastreiter, Grace Jones, Madonna, Yoko Ono, David LaChapelle, Kenny Scharf, Carlo McCormick, Andy Warhol, Ann Magnuson, Tony Shafrazi, and Junior Vasquez, among many others."

_Ghana by Lex Douglas

_I blogged some of Lex's stuff last week (we have done quite a bit of travelling together) these are some shots he took the year before we first went travelling together, when he was 18 and in Ghana. Now, for someone who lives full time in London, I am supposedly surrounded by 'massive talent' all the time, but when I was reminded of Lex's work the other week, it reminded me of all those people who are amazing at what they do, but dont do it for 'credibility and fame', but excert thier natural born talent for pure enjoyment and pleasure. Non the less, Lex's work would smash the back out of any 'Guardian' reportage photographer! so if anyone reading this is linked to the Guardian - mail me and lets sort this boy out! ;)

_Cumfaces2 - Get involved

The Amazing Northern photographer Stuart Sanford is doing a second edition of 'cumfaces' so I recomend every boy grab a camera and get involved - amazing project, well worth 'standing up for' ;)

Cumfaces 2: Revenge of the Cumfaces

I'm doing a 2nd series of my Cumfaces project for a new publication to be printed this coming summer and am looking for contributors. As before, I'm asking people to take a picture of themselves on the brink of orgasm (getting someone to give you a helping hand is fine too). The finished image needs to be in the following format (like the examples below of Sander and Matthieu from my 1st Cumfaces series):

1. it must be landscape format
2. it must feature your head and shoulders
3. it must take place on your/a bed
4. the image needs to be 300dpi and at least A4 size (21x30cm)

If you need any more info or have any questions you can email me on and you can send the final images there too. Please include your name, age and location and I need to receive them by the 31st March at the latest.

_So Satisfying

_The London underground can fuck off compared to this - Its just so lovely - shapes, graphics, numbers, colours, all just so pleasing to the eye.


_I-D March 2009

_Mental issue. 12 covers, and about 70% of the issue, is this one 'supermodels' feature, its mental, but really great, I dont understand why some of the models included are included, but whatever, apparantly nowadays being a rich kid or getting your tits out entitles you to celebrity status along side some of the greatest models our country has ever produced.

oh, and look out for a company I've just started working for supplying a large chunk of the clothes - 'The Vintage Academy' who are the off-shoot achive of Chrisites auction house - amazing clothes, am azing.

_Westwood SS09 Campaign

_Pamela Anderson?! Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant. Such great coluorful shots, Pam's features work perfectly under the Teller flash bulb, and with Dame Viv and Andreas lurking in the background of each shot its just perfect.

If anyone knows where I can get oversized prints of these shots - please let me know - I heart them SO much.

_Best Show of LFW

_Christopher Shannon for the MAN show last Wednesday was amazing. I love it, Roman Kreimer meets original Kim Jones - Brilliant colour combo's, shapes and the backpacks are ace, great casting by John Colver too.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I must . . .

_Stop being poorly, eat, get dressed and get back to work.

_Cuba 2006

_The above shots are a selection by myself and my mate Lex, taken when travelling around Cuba in summer 2006, it was an amazing (if very hard) trip, and a trip that I hadn't looked at the photos from in a long long time, until he sent me these shots the other day and I was reminded of the amazing curtural diversity and extreme poverty of a country of the verge of a very big change, and so happy and humbled we were given the oppertunity to visit, while Cuba could still be refered to as 'old cuba'.


_So, for the last 5 days I've been horribly ill, today id the first day I actaully feel abit more normal. Unfortunately the timing of my illness meant I have missed ALL of fashion week - There's the 'Another Magazine' launch tonight, but I have a shoot with 'World of Interiors' magazine first thing tomorrow, so really want to be on form form that. Anyway, I decided to get me back in the creative mood, I'd just blog a selection of lovely things that I dont have that much to to about really, they images just leave me with a glow.

I hope you enjoy.
Welcome back xx

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

_Purple Fashion SS09

Featuring the amazing Diane von Furstenberg (how good is that bright pink cover and that incredible goat hair jacket?!), publishing god AA Bronson, as well as David Lunch, Zac Posen, Gaspar Noe, Aerel Schmidt and the new US president, Barack Obama.

Brilliant, I cant wait!

_Could I BE anymore excited . . .

_This Friday, at the Prada 'Double Club' in Angel, Special guest DJ . . . CHLOE SEVIGNY.

I may burst.


_I just wanted to post a lovely bit of clean graphics, and here we are.

_Chanel Buscuits

_These were made by my friend Ryan, and are AMAZING. I love them, and love how perfect the double C's are.

Well done Ryan, very impressed.

_Raf for EastPak SS08

_So after mentioning the Rick Owens take over at EastPak earlier this week, I started to look at the previous Raf collections for the luggage brand, and i wish so so badly that I'd bought one of these over sized patent backpacks from his SS08 collections. Just Lovely, and when hung on a wall they look like huge sculptural pieces of art.

_Hair Idol

_This is 20 year old Cary, from Canada, he is my hair idol. Granted thats 26" weave to get the final length, but whatever, boy looks amazing, and his hair holds like that on a night out, which is more than my (natural) 23". He looks like a combination between Steve Tyler and Nicole Scherzinger. Brilliant.

_Acne Paper

_How do they get away with it?!
Great colours, just strange, strange Kerning.


_Just some ace shots from i-D a few months back, Styled by Kim Jones and photographed by Alistair Mclellan, great layout aswell

Monday, 16 February 2009

_Its a Monday . . .

_Which must mean, its a 'World of Interiors' day, and because of that here are some glorious interiors that have made my day even more lovely. Top and bottom in particular.


_I have a new addiction to cute half naked boys in polaroids - Its Jeremy's Fault (I will reveal why later this week) but these shots of Slava Mougutin are off his blog, and are just so ace, and only slightly sexual ;)

_Want Want Want

_New Trainers.

Not too expensive (£84.99), or limited edition: Just from 'Footlocker' Nike Air Max 90's in both these colour ways, then I'd be such a happy boy.