Thursday, 29 April 2010

_The Best Day . . .

_Its been so long since I had inky hands, and this was the perfect fix.

On Tuesday of this week I spent the day screen printing old posters I have designed. Whether it be they ran out, faded out, or just the fact I wanted a fresh batch to send out, it was ace ace ace day. I will post some shots of the finished things in the next few weeks (I have now discovered the process screen print 'marbling' and will never look back - 60's music posters at their best).

Inky hands are the best.

Thanks Matt for Assisiting me
/ sorting me out with a free day on the beds xx

_'Well Deep'

_Love this album cover concept for Big Dada Records by fellow Russian Club Studio cohorts Oscar and Ewan. And, Photographed in St Bride Printing Library - one of my favourite, creepy spaces in London.

'Big Dada's ten year anniversary compilation CD and DVD. All record releases were collected and exhibited chronologically in a glass vitrine. The museum context brought a grandeur to the cover not usually associated with hip hop. For the inner photography, highlights from the Big Dada catalogue were exhibited in St Bride's exhibition cabinets.'


_One of my favourites - I bright comme wallet, and heavy stone was jeans. I love wallets in bright colours, just because they're hidden away, so as they're pulled out of a jean or bag, they make such a little exclamation point. I like that, alot.

_I Will Always Love You

_Last night was the closing night of the UK leg of the Whitney Tour at the O2 Arena. And after scathing reviews over the last weeks, I was offered free tickets, and VIP box, so, being a massive Whitney fan, couldn't say no, I was however slightly worried about it 'ruining' her for me. Well, there was no need to worry, yes she cant make the notes she used to, but could you after ten years of crack?! - She was Amazing. Screw the haters, Whitney is still a total icon. She may not have 'the voice' anymore, but its still amazing! AND the woman has humility, honesty and raw passion. That incredible emotion is still there, and Miss Houston, I heart you xxx

_New Issues III

_The New magazine from Art Direction agency Saturday London (now they have sold Man About Town magazine), and by the cover I'm actually quite impressed. Great shot of Anna, and I think I 'get' the concept of 'Industrie' more from seeing the cover (?!) - Looking forward to seeing inside now, if anyone can hook me up with a copy, holla, as due to the concept of it, I'm not sure how its going to be available? Anyone?

_Warhol X Chanel

_A huge thank you to Matt, who this weekend presented me with an original 1997 advertising campaign poster for Chanel purfume, by non other than Mr Warhol. Genius, love it.

_Its been a while . . .

_Since I blogged a lovely selection from the Slimane Diaries, well, here we are.


_When the temperature drops (like evidently it has done today) Its all about Marc 'Sketch' shorts in olive canvas, grey cashmere crew neck, big grey knitted walking socks and an afternoon in an armchair with a good book.

_New Issues II

_Arena Homme+ SS10 came out a few weeks back, it looks great, the 'turn it sideways' thing is a bit weird, but I think Neville Brody has done a really good job on this one, especially after the last one!? It seems controversially being appointed new head of Communication Design at the Royal College has done him well. Lovely fashion stories, good type, nice features. And what a colour palette, an all round great issue.

BTW: The Marky Mark Interview Feb '92 Cut up collage by Patrick Waugh is from my collection, looks great, and the amount of people that knew I leant it to Patrick who called me and where like "you let him cut it up!?" - Nope, its just good ass photography, then cut up afterwards. AS IF that would EVER happen!

_Neil Gillespie

_Friend, illustrator, drummer.
Love it.

Check him out at:

_I want to work with . . .

_The Ace work of photographer Bruno Staub. 'Street Balls' Taken from GQ Style

_New Issues I

_The new Fantastic Man came out last week, its really good, a bit gay (especially Mr Foxtons 'beachwear' shoot!? - But I understand why). I adore the Wolfgang Feature, and the Bob Colacello feature kills me, not to mention the gorgeous sweatshirt story with Norton&Sons Founder Patrick Grant. I just wish they wouldn't jump so heavily between this type of issue and the last issue that was painfully formal. Balance.


_I found this old promo glass in my Nannas house while i was back up in Yorkshire a few weeks back. How ace is that bottom typeface?! and combined with the san serif above it, in a wierd sky blue, on glass, rimmed in gold - Perfection.

'Snowball' - Pah, brilliant, filth.

_Heads Up

_I heart Hair shoots.

I dont know what it is? - I just love them. And this set from Vman #9 is no exception. And when it’s Alasdair McLellan behind the camera and Kim Jones in charge of the styling, you know you’ll be in for a treat. Now add Paul Hanlon doing the hair and what you have is iconic images of some pretty iconic male models.

_Brushed Concrete

_I pulled these images from my good friend kristys flickr, super talented photographer based between London and Leeds. They've appeared on quite a few friends blogs/websites, and I decided I needed to get on it with such a lovely set of images.

You may remember her work I have previously used / blogged - stunning medium format photographs of empty houses in mid west bible belt America.

See more at:

To start on a sad note . . .

_Rest in Peace to the uncontrollably stunning Abrose Olsen who died last Thursday, April 22 at the age of 24, rumors are that he is yet another model who committed suicide, nothing has been confirmed. I know a few people who shot with him and they say he was quite the character. Such a sad loss.

The young and the Damned xx

Sunday, 25 April 2010

_Window Vinyls

_Being fitted in store this week on Ledbury Road - I will blog how it all looks once in, but for now . . . I wonder how west London will take to a grimey hand type splashed acrsoss 12' X 6' windows?!

_Road Trip

_Big plans in the works, stay tuned for more.

Interior Details

_I either want to live in it, or have it in my life somehow, from images, to wood finishes, tiling to cladding, and deserted lodges to minimalist boxes. They all melt my heart.