Monday, 9 June 2008 III

_A few more magazine sneak peaks - the website will be launched by the end of this week.

Enjoy, and goodbye from a sunny Yorkshire x


_I just wanted to blog a nice clean / dirty bit of Graphics before I close up todays Northern blogging session, from vintage 1970's typographic posters, to 1990's David Carson and all the way to contemporary M/M Paris, these pieces and designers have all been massive inspirations on my magazine production.

Enjoy . . .

_Jean Paul Gaude - Genius

_How incredible is the work of Jean paul Gaude? I've mentioned the work he did with Grace Jones in the past, but I just recently purchased his book 'So far, So Gaude' and its simply mind blowing, what this man did for the combined worlds of Art Direction and Fashion are undeniable and beyond inspiring.

_Hedi Diaries

_A few more great shots I found this morning, there's definately something about the way he manages to capture the innocence and honestly of his teenage muses, and the lowered greyscale levels are such a simple signature look.

See links for more work.

_Tom Giddings

_Check out the amazing backstage photographs of young photographer Tom Giddings - so natural and fun. Which is a novelty to see for models backstage, maybe its the colours or the charicature like poses and looks of the models or maybe its purely what the photographer brings out of them?

Who knows, non the less, its great.

See more of his work at:

_Thanks Jim

_Had to blog this as one of my best mates sent it to me at about 3am two weeks ago, in the darkest hours of magazine production / final year stress, and it made me laugh - the basterdisation of my website holding page into my own head - the wonders of photoshop hey?!

_Kenneth Anger Book

_These are a few stills from an amazing Kenneth anger filmography book I found, its covers all of his most famous films and has an incredible array of well layed out movie stills, including a personal favourite section of his evolving and beautifully wierd logo, from his strange signature to the iconic 'lion pryamid'. Above are stills from 'Invocation of my demon brother' and 'Scorpio Rising' - of which the massive influence of photographers like Bruce Weber and Wolfgang Tillmans can clearly be seen.

_NYC urge

_Found this old shot, and I can feel the summer cravings bubbling up inside me - August one thinks, all of it, then maybe a little bit of September, and if im staying that long I'd quite like to see an October fall.

Oh, and if anyone would like to be my 'sponsor' so I can stay on a more permanent basis, that would be greatly appreciated.

_Vogue Slasher

_This is another one of those images that I've found in a folder on my desktop and have completely forgotten who its by, but its ace non the less, looks great and yet so simple.

_Aspirational 90's ladies

_Check out these amazing shots of some of the most aspirational ladies of the nineties.

Firstly, i completely forgot how amazing the 'Vogue Supermodels' shot was, it just seems quite amazing that SO much came from one singular photograph shot in downtown NYC - incredible. and check those Stonewash high waists!

Secondly, Tori Spelling, shot on Venice Beach in 1995, for the promo shots of Beverly Hills 90210, such an ace girl, such an ace lifestyle, surely still the bench mark for shows like The OC, The Hills and even The Simple Life, and non even compare.

_So True

_Just ffffound this and i have nothing else to say, other than how true this is.

_Winging its way from the Norf of England

_Todays blogging is very special - its comes all the way from Yorkshire, and currently (as shown above) LS6 on Hyde Park corner in Leeds, a personal favourite cafeteria haunt of myself and my Yorkshire gang.

The sun in shining,
there's a light breeze in the air,
my organic bacon sandwich is just settling in my stomach,
and my iced Yorkshire tea is the height of satisfaction.

Ace Yorkshire.
Happy boy.

Friday, 6 June 2008 II

_I just wanted to give one final preview of thew Magazine and Website before it all launches at the end of the forth coming week, I will explain more about the look and concepts etc once everything launches and I return from my week up North.

Enjoy the preview and I'll be back in about 5 days

_More Hair

_Just found these follow up incredible hair shots on K.Cappello's blog.
See below for further info, and if anyone knows who the hair pieces are by, please, please contact me at:


_Hedi Diary

_Its been a while since I checked out one of my favourite contemporary 'Blogs' - the Hedi Slimane Diary at: - all dated photographs. and these two just particulary stood out - go check it out.

_SATC the Movie

_Completely forgot to mention this.

Dont wanna ruin it for anyone who hasn't already seen it, but if you haven't, GO.
One of the best movies I've seen in a long time, and man did I cry, and cry, and cry - And it all started with her 'wedding gift' from Dame Viv.

I've said enough already.
Just go.

_Kim, Front & Back

I dont know what it is, but I've always had a bit of a thing for behind the scenes shots of photoshoots, maybe its the voyeurism, maybe its the reality, who knows? I just love them.

along those lines I have also always loved the above Kin Jones campaigns with cute boy model Tom Kerrigan rolling around the garden in some kind of a teddy bear outfit. So you can imagine how happy I was when a friend sent me this test shot of Tom on the day.

And, Damn cute.

_Ace Y3

_Check out these ace new season, fully studded black Y3 sneakers.


_Hermes Bike

_East London has gone mad for bikes. And I mean mad.

Mine 1982 Raleigh BMX will be returning to LDN to join the clan come the end of nest week, but in the mean time I found this little bad boy on Ebay. Its definately not Hermes, but I love random / accidental fakes anyways.

Check it.
Sick as Fuck right?!

I want it.
So bad.

_Ace Hair

_For those of you who know me, you'll be aware of my 'thing' for great hair, and the above pieces, all hair themed, were something I found and thought should share - the first two images, I'm completely unaware of who they are by, but none the less please me greatly, the first one reminds me of my hair as a teenager, and the second is definately something I'll be trying with my own mane in the future. The bottom image is, as mentioned above, from K.Cappello's blog - and man do I want that hair piece - How Fuckin Amazing is that?!

_Cute as Fuck

_This is Chichy, Kenneth Cappello's cute as hell puppy in a Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony box - love love love.

Check out his blog and amazing work at: or