Wednesday, 30 January 2008

_Magazine love

_I stumbled across this 'Magazine for Architectural Entertainment' on one of my many walks home from work in NYC this summer. Published out of Brooklyn and now available in only a few UK outlets, its just so beautiful, and I love the idea, kind of an up to date RayGun with the Carson aesthetic still in tact.

So nice. It makes me happy, inside.


_From "Graphic Design: Visual Comparisons", 1963, by Alan Fletcher, Colin Forbes, and Bob Gill. No one ever shows the back, and fletcher was a rare desginer who thought of everything not just the front cover and interface. This image proves that idea.

_Grafik Insides

_Numeral and Uppercase Insides, 2006.

Nice clean work, I wish the same could be said for thier website (NueRave hell on Mac, never again) -

_Dash Snow

_Adopting all the attitude of hip hop posturing, Dash Snow’s 'Fuck the Police' presents a prized collection of newspaper headlines emblazoned with instances cop corruption. Each salacious story is splattered with cum and framed and mounted as a trophy. Wittily combining protest with hard-core bravado, Snow’s installation draws upon fictional connotations to conjure sociopathic images of gangsta persona. In his ballsy statement of counter-culture vehemence, Snow merges Warhol reference with Tarantino sensationalism in humorously pathological display.

F.Y.I - Dash is hot.

_Beautiful Concrete

_I wish I knew who made this chair, I found it on some dodge girls website, But the chair - ace.

Outdoor, indoor, anywhere.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

_U.S. of .A

_As part of my ongoing poster work, these are two images from a collection of U.S. themed posters I'm working on. Both A0 in size, the top one is slightly cropped and thinner, where as the bottom one in a full sized red-top media blow up.

Contact me for further details at -


As part of my promised on going StreetStyle Bogging, here we are - Rob, 22, Graphics Student, Great Eastern Street, EC1 - simple, slightly off tone, good looking style.


_Done alot of listening to this album at the moment aswell, and it was only upon spotting the CD in my pile that I remembered the incredible covers (see, this is the downfall of iTunes and music downloading).

Created by M/M Paris, its just amazing. Most of Bjork's album covers are, but this is a personal favourite, Flawless.

_Warm Leatherette

_Spent the last two weeks listening to far too much Grace Jones, next time you see me, I may be blacked up, wearing a one piece and abusing strangers.

Lyric of the moment - "feeling like a woman, dressing like a man" - so fierce (literally).

_Chanel Genius II

_Firstly, The only way you'd get me near any form of construction - bring in Chanel cones.
Secondly, The only way you'd get me anywhere near playing such non interesting sports - replace the equipment with Chanel branded Equipment.

Finally, All the above images are boring, someone buy me the mirri-gold wallet?


_Cant get over these, so so simple, yet totally beautiful, I really wanna have a go. Oh, and I wanna have a go at reproducing well know buildings with books - a challenge, and great fun, kind of like jenga with books.

Nice opening image to the website aswell -



_Amazing tradition, yet incredibly contemporary handtype / graphics / illustration at (plus it puts ace arabic writing in your computer menu bar)


_Invites to my 23rd Birthday in October last year, featuring an amazing illustration by artist Anna Higgie (Higgie blog to follow). the invites themselves arrived in mirrored chrome envelopes, with 8395 lazer cut into them (23years in days), if i remember i'll blog some images of the envelopes aswell. The night itself was an amazing cheese and wine night with 22 friends (I was on a 23 theme) with a dress code of 100%Grey - everyone looked ace, got massively drunk, and had loads of cheese induced dreams.

_Too Cute

_Seriously though - talented as hell, as cute as hell to go with it.


_I love this stupid Hussein Chalayan piece, it was the most awkward thing on the catwalk, but it was just ace, and a massive inspiration for the magazine Im currently working on. Check out the video of it on the catwalk on youtube.


_A really quite shoddy looking website but amazing, unusual and inspiring TypeFace's at _

_Stolen Letterheads

_From the magazine Purple to the Iranian Football Federation, daily Liberation to The Royal College of Art. It's so difficult to select the right stationary, the one that represents who you truly are. With these, you may simply pretend to be someone else. Set of 10. $20. At_

Sunday, 27 January 2008

_Shock 'em

_Set of 5 A0 sized poster prints.

Produced for the first of my final year Grafiks briefs, using the given subject of 'Shock' I went about scouring my darker memories and putting them on oversized public display.

This set is available to buy at £25.00,

_Kenneth Anger

_'Invocation of My Demon Brother' 1969

Anger is an American underground avant-garde film-maker and author who was a child prodigy. He started making strange occult themed movies at 9years old, and into his teen years his work only got better, these are stills from my personal favourite of all his films, but google him, and find out more.


_Simple, Confident, Beautiful, Unappologetic, Committed: How all good graphic layouts should be.


_I'd like to think so.

_Scott <3 Haring

_Nice little collaboration video, made me wanna head out to the US,

Again, and again, and again


_Februrary 11th, mark it in your diaries, my first solo photographic show.

'Unamed* Gallery',
Central Saint Martins,
SouthHampton Row,

Named after the length of days I will have studied at Saint Martins for by the time of graduation this summer. Little bits of everything from the last four years on display, come along. Its open for two weeks, and the private view (invite only) is the eve of the 11th.

More updates to follow.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

_Final bit of MidCentury

_Bonneville Salt Flats Rest Stop Shelter, USA.

A striking mid-century modern form at the rest area next to the (also striking) salt flats west of the Great Salt Lake.

_St. Bartholomew's

_Czech designer Maxim Velcovsky has redesigned the interior of a church in Eastern Bohemia, using customised design classics, rugs and chandeliers.

Working with designer Jakub Berdych under the Qubus Studio banner, the interior features Verner Panton chairs customised with a punched crucifix, Persian rugs and chandeliers of rough-cut crystal.

Very strange, but I genuinely think it works.

_Contemporary Mid Century Modern

_The OFFI Mag Table by San Francisco based Eric Pfeiffer is one of my favorite examples of the simple, beautiful utility of bent ply. It has been suggested I use it as a side table between chairs, but it can also makes the perfect TV stand for the TV-less: when it’s time to watch a DVD flip the Mag on its side and set your Powerbook on top. The Mag’s shape allows it to hover over the coffee table, putting the laptop at the perfect height and distance for small-screen viewing from the sofa.

_NYC Subways

_How good is this map!
New York City Subway map - Colours, Gridding, Type - all, perfect.