Wednesday, 26 May 2010

_Shoots Part II.

_The Studio and its team shot an amazing lookbook yesterday (With a little editorial bolted on the end) It was a great day, although after the intense last few weeks, it was very slow off the mark, but a few hours in, and quite a bit of upbeat jazz we got there, and found a true voice. The model Maxwel was ace, and the menswear collection itself is AMazing, and so easy to work with, I will post more, when the matter itself is together. But believe me, this designer, and his 'Formal Artists Wear' is definitely one to watch.

_A Parisian in NYC

_I found these images on one of my favourite blogs today, by a stunning french girl, based in Paris, but traveling the world photographing what she comes across along the wat - I love the fact that her images have got a real humanity to them, they're real, not glossy, but retaining a true honest elegance. This is the NYC apartment of parisian born Patrick Leclerco. He works in advertising, and his place, that he describes as 'perched in a tree' is in Brooklyn Heights NYC, my personal favourite bit is the light, giant shafts, through darkened comfy rooms - glorious.

_The shape of the sun

_I heart it. Alot.
Although, when you're supposed to be working it makes things VERY hard.
oh, and one of my favourite things is hard shadows on bleached concrete.

_Tony Ward II.

_After meeting him this last week (see below) I decided to dig out of images that I remember being one of the first times I really took note to Mr Ward, I was Steven Klein for the Face, in 1999 (I was 15), with story by JT Leroy - Am azing.

_No Lifeguard

_I first saw the images from 'No lifeguard on duty' by J Bennett Fitts in a book under the same name in Collette in Paris 2 years ago, it was in Japanese, and therefore I had no idea who it was by, and how I could find it on my return to LDN, then a friend sent me these images the other week - I was so happy. And now the book is winging its way to me from Amazon - Ideal.

_What a colour combo.

_Sat on the Tube platform the other day, I realized one of my new favourite colour combos - Last season it was black and navy, this season, its navy and dark mustard. Displayed perfectly in my dickies khaki's, Raf '07 weekend bag, and topped perfectly with fresh white hightop Vans.

_I got a new desk lamp . . .

_And its freaking ace, you cant see in these B&W images but it is khaki enameled steel, dual headed with chrome flick switches on the base. And, it works SO well on my rosewood topped desk.

_Want Want Want

_The Chanel Boules, put on display at the SS11 Cruise show last week.
I love Chanel 'obects' they're just so sexy.

_Shoots Part I.

_This was actually my second shoot of the last two weeks, but the first I'm not allowed to show anything of. This I can show, but cant really explain. Other than the fact the the clothing was INCREDIBLE (The clue us to see if you can recognise any of the pieces), Oscar, our model was totally adorable, and as ever, my amazing team totally outdid themselves, in the incredible galleried space that is the Russian Club Studios on Kingsland Road in East London.


_I could look at this series all night long: '100 Abandoned Houses' by Kevin Bauman is literally one of the most stunning things I have seen a long long time. Please go to his website and see the other 95.

_Tony Ward I.

_This last week I met him and photographed him for a project I'm currently working on - He's totally gorgeous and one of the sweetest guys, I can totally see what Madonna saw in him, he looks like a bad boy, but is so alluring, suggestive and quietly sexual.


_South Swell

_South Swell, California, Summer 2009

A glorious set of photographys by Jim Newitt, 'South Swell' is Published by Point Never and is so nice, its simplicity, and calmness truly sooth the soul. To create this type of imagery and printed matter is such a joy, and I hope to do much more of it in the summer months.

_So yeah, I literally disappeared into work, and the rest of life . . .

_For the last few weeks, its literally been non stop, I knew I had quite a bit on, but didn't quite realize it'd be SO mental. whenever, I've been at home I've been working, the rest of the time its been dinners on the go, shoots a plenty, and the most ridiculous sunshine I have ever known in London doesn't bode well for sitting in a blogging. But, today, I have taken the time to do a mass blog update. Above are just some samples of my life in the last few weeks, some I will explain more, some are just samples of my life. So, I apologise for the last few weeks, and I hope you enjoy todays posting, and I'm sure it wont be as long until the next blog frenzy.