Sunday, 27 September 2009

_RBPMstudio x Jeremy Scott

_The illustration from Jeremy's after party invite, Stay tuned for the full invite design in the next few days.

Concept RBPMstudio.
Illustration Anna Faye Gillespie.

_Inspiring the Next Week . . .

Cute Boys.
Men in skirts.
Annie Leibowitz's Keith Haring exhibition poster.
A hot young Slava.
Good Type, mixed up.
A warrior like Naomi.
Good braids.
Good sleep.
Fresh sheets.
Hot concrete.

_I cannot stop listening to . . .

_Leeds based band Pulled Apart By Horses - Very angry, yet kinda kitschy - Bascially, brilliant.

Check the new single 'Meat Balloon'

_Luella SS10

_Great Show,
Great location,
Great Hair,
Great Shapes,
Great Soundtrack (Smiths & New Order)
Great seasonal logo.
Great, the fact that 'the Wintour' was there.

Not great super super skinny models.

Bottom four incredible images - Miss Holly Hay at

_Rising Talent

_On Wednesday of last week, the young British designer CHRISTOPHER SHANNON revealed his quite remarkable new collection as part of MAN, a group show organised by Fashion East and Topman. SHANNON’s work has a sportiness about it which rises it above the depressing whatnots of some more self-absorbed designers. Please pay attention to the accessories, which are a collaboration with EASTPAK and which will be available in January 2010. In the mean time, SHANNON’s autumn/winter clothing can be bought at

I must also say - Stylist John did an incredible job of casting Christopher's show models, well done mate.

And I cannot wait for the Eastpack collab - looks like I've found something to replace that RafxEastpack void in the life of my ever expanding luggage collections.

_Fantastic Man / Gentle Woman Launch

_Last Tuesday night saw the launch of 'Fantastic Man' magazine number 10, along with a preview of Fantastic Man's sister magazine 'Gentle Woman'. Not sure I'm convinced yet, but the launch party in an incredible venue behind Claridges in West London, with Absinth, apple and Champagne cocktails certainly helps with convincing me ;)

"The 10th issue of FANTASTIC MAN is graced with Mr. EWAN McGREGOR on the cover, who can also be found inside. Other gentlemen featured in this issue are Swedish scientist and sword swallower Dr. HANS ROSLING, the make-up artist Mr. PETER PHILIPS of CHANEL, plus the vivid and exceptional journalist Mr. HAMISH BOWLES. These insightful profiles are mixed with an array of other curiosities, with topics ranging from steaks to pickpocketing and the options in coat hangers. The fashion in this issue is full of contemporary men looking amazing in an array of surprisingly formal suits, which feels super correct for the mood of the moment. Plus: an exclusive preview of THE GENTLEWOMAN, an upcoming new title from the makers of FANTASTIC MAN."

_Jeremy Scott SS10

_It was great to have Jeremy in town for his first ever UK show, with a soundtrack of 'I Eat Canibals' supplied by NYC Dj's the Misshapes. The collection was positviely BamBam. Amazing models, incredible hair, and a buzz not often seen in UK fashion shows - Jeremy, it was a pleasure to have you in town, thank you for such an amazing few days, and I hope to see you back in town for AW10 xx

See above for the little RBPMstudio and Jeremy collab.


_Currently I'm sat at my desk, part working, part blogging, but mainly watching the dawn of the 90's classic - 'Paris is Burning' - Such an incredible film.

"An unblinking behind the scenes story of fashion obsessed New Yorkers who created "voguing" and drag balls , and turned these raucous celebrations into a powerful expression pf personal pride. The world within a world is instantly familiar, filled with ambitions, desires and yearnings that reflect America itself. 'Paris is Burning' is an intimate portrait of one urban community, a world in which the allure of high fashion, status and wealth becomes an affirmation of love, acceptance and joy.

_A nice bit of press . . .

_One of the RBPMstudio images appeared on on last week, then a few days later another piece of studio work appeared. Lovely.

_After a long nap . . .

_I'm back.

London Fashion week thrashed it out of me for 7 whole days - shows by day, parties by night, and about 4 hours sleep a night - Brilliant. So, along with the usual bits, over the next week I've got all sorts picked up and seen over the last week in one of the most exciting fashion capitals in the world.

To start, we may be in a recession but the fashion houses did thier best at creating some incredible show invites. Personal favourites were Jeremys 'Flintstones' look, PPQ's collection of shapes and the incredible 3 way Burberry metalics and lazer cut perspex and metal invites.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

_RBPMstudio Preview

_Coming soon.

_RBPMstudio Preview

_Currently working on this on a daily basis.
Check it out at

Saturday, 19 September 2009

_'The Big Pink'

_I went with friends to the album launch on Thursday night, without having a clue who the band are, turns out there pretty good. And thier homo themed Album artwork is off the scale.

_Quite a pick me up!

_Wednesday just gone I was having one of those days where everything goes wrong, everythings late, and no-one knows what they want from you, but they do know they want you. Anyway, I'm waiting to cross the road on an offensively busy Oxford St, when a bus rolls past with the new Beckham Armani underwear ad campaigns plastered across them - The rest of my day was a DAMN site better to say the least.

Thanks for that Dave ;)

_'The Lady who Fell to Earth'

_Such a nice little fashion story in this months British Vogue, the spaceship could have been nicer (ie. full polished chrome) but the imagery, fashion, and opening type are painfully on point.

_I cannot stop listening to . . .

_Volcano Choir. The Voice of BonIvor and sounds of heaven. Current favourite tracks, Sleepymouth and Husks&Shells. The best soundtrack ever for rainy days in the studio.

Album out later this month, youtube it for previews

_Collier Schorr

_Collier Schorr was born in New York City in 1963 and attended the School of the Visual Arts, New York. Best known for her portraits of adolescent men and women, Schorr’s pictures often blend photographic realism with elements of fiction and youthful fantasy. For her 1998 project “Neue Soldatten,” Schorr juxtaposed documentary-style pictures of a Swedish army battalion with pictures of fake Swedish soldiers played by German teenagers. Several of these young men reappear in Schorr’s 2001 project “Forests and Fields”, where this time they are dressed in an anxious assortment of German, Israeli, Weimar (Nazi), and Vietnam-era American Army uniforms. Schorr’s dubious images not only call into question the fractured role of soldiering in today’s society, but also examine the way nationality, gender, and sexuality influence an individual’s identity. For her “Jens F./Helga” project, Schorr set out to create a comprehensive, yet unusual portrait of a young man by photographing a German schoolboy posed as Helga, the housewife whom American painter Andrew Wyeth studied in secret for nearly twenty years. Whereas in this body of work Schorr is comparing the way men and women pose differently for the artist’s gaze, in photographs of American high school and collegiate wrestlers the artist trains her camera on a tribe of young men whose bodies and athletic training homogenize personal differences. Schorr’s work was featured in the 2002 Whitney Biennial and the 2003 International Center for Photography Triennial. Schorr has exhibited her work internationally at prestigious venues that include the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Jewish Museum in New York, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and the Consorcio Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain. Collier Schorr currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Such an incredible photographer.

_RBPMstudio Preview

_Just a little fashion plate archive job I've been doing some graphics with this week. Some incredible imagery, this is one of many from one of the best private archives I've ever seen.

_Margiela Book

_Book publishers Rizzoli present the first book to document the work, from fashion and art to design and performance, of famed Paris-based fashion designer Martin Margiela. Self-titled, the hardcover selection will see a release in October of 2009, at select booksellers, with a price tag of $100 USD.

Graduating from Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the 1980s, Martin Margiela (and his contemporaries in the Antwerp Six) transformed global fashion with his aggressive restatement of traditional fashion design and a polemical approach to luxury trends. Working first with the house of Gaultier, Margiela absorbed the radical design of Japanese deconstruction, making it wholly his own with the founding of his own label in 1988. Margiela propounds a singular, enigmatic look, moving beyond the recognizable tropes of deconstruction—a monochromatic palette, outsized garments, non-traditional fabrics, exposed seams, or roughly appliqu├ęd details—to develop a fully considered worldview, one with elegance, mystery, and menace in equal measure. This book provides an inside look at the design process from a craftsman who creates pieces prized for their originality, delicacy, and daring. In the spirit of Margiela’s garments, the book is a work of art in itself, designed exclusively by Margiela and complete with silver inks, ribbon markers, a variety of lush paper types, twelve booklets, and an embroidered white-linen cover. This book provides a window onto the intimate, handmade world of a unique designer.


_Holiday Home

_hotel aire de bardenas in tudela, spain

Single-story design surrounded by nature, forming part of the landscape. The 22 rooms available include four deluxe suites, piercing alongside the Bardenas Reales National Park and Biosphere Reserve.