Sunday, 26 April 2009

_Image of the Day / Week / Month / Year

_Posibly one of my favourite book spreads EVER. I wish so badly that I had this publication, because everything, and I mean everything about it safisfies me - Colours, print, wording, layout, stock, form and dont even start me on the glorious little modernist illustration at the bottom of the left page.

If you do nothing else today, I beg of you, please, breathe the full glory of this image in.

_Today . . .

_I bought this strange little 8" sculpture from a homeless woman on the street - £3 worth of homo glory - two rarther worn yet still very toned young men wrestling - Perfect. They're sat/fighting on my desk infront of me right now.

_Its Out Now

_So go and buy it and make you lives better - Acne Paper, Issue 8: 'Eroticism'. Featuring contributions from Carine Roitfeld, Mario Testino, Azzedine Alaïa, Malcolm McLaren, Sarah Moon, Daniel Jackson, Glenn O'brien and many more.

All Amazing.

FYI: Stay tuned on the update for when the RBPM interview goes up on ACNE online (I hear it will be going up this week) - All very exciting ;)


_I took this close up of a bit (about 8%!) of my wardrobe last night and genuinely suprised myself as to how bright and patterned my wardrobe is (aswell as stupidly organized) - from vintage 1980's pink knits, to 1940's blue beaver fur, shredded grunge plaids to leopard print Westwood bombers, Comme Des Garcons polka dots under acid wash denims and 'Tut TV' prints over Dries van Noten tailoring - Its all very satisfying!


_This is how I'm feeling - After an amazing day is the sun.

And the only thing that could make it better is sunset through the windows of my own NYC apartment. (hhhmmm, dream . . . )


_A Brilliant little Spanish Homozine. The website is currently down, but you can buy most copies in Prowler in soho. So, go check it out. This cover inparticular I love - So Dark.

_Fantastic III . . .

_For a Sunday night, After a day of beautiful sun in London town, here a just some glorious little shots to make a great day greater ;)


_Mario Sorrenti shoots at teenage Kate Moss when she was still that iconic face of 1990's 'Heroin chic' - Why aren't they both this effortlessly cool anymore?


_Such a fun website at the minute. The promo for the new Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton range, Everything from movies to music, the collections and just some strange games and stuff. None the less I love how simple and playful it is.

Check it:

_Silver Screen

_When I was back home last week, I made a conscious effect to go to one of my favourite places in Yorkshire - The Hyde Park Picture House, just on the outskirts of Leeds - I've blogged on the 19th century, one room, one screen cinema before. But I just wanted to mention how great it is again. I how important it is to support independant business' (After this thought - I now make the effort to buy ALL of my magazines from independant London outlets)

Memo: The above image is the opening credits to the movie I went to go and see - Glorious.


_Just some glorious bits of Punk Graphics for a Sunday night. I've been doing so much 'corparate design' at the minute (well, corporate to me means having to use a grid!) so a nice bit of black photocopy cut and paste is a welcome break to clean lines and open minimal space bullshit.


_Want Want Want

_The freaking Chanel guitar!

Lagerfeld was quoted commenting the instrument: “Coco Chanel had an affair with Stravinsky, mine was with a guitar.” It was launched in the SS09 fashion show with models strutting rock inspired garb. No word on who produced the instrument for Chanel. The instrument and case’s ticket price is £2800. Bargain.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

_Pure Genius

_This glorious bit of genius landed on my doorstep this morning - The S/S09 A.P.C catologue - photographed by Bruce weber and Art directed by M/M Paris - Pretty much an envelope of perfection in my eyes. and, a Freakin' double sided Poster wrap! - Too Good.

Memo: Yeah, the cropped orange cover to the book is thick waxed canvas (I'm hard)


_What a ridiculous one for the new American Vogue - Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs and, Justin Timberlake?! and then, i know, we'll put them in a wierd dancey, half dead, leg huggy pose - WTF?! Who came up with that strike of genius?

_Style Icon

_Rick Owens - Oversized Rude Boi styling, meets Goth hair, meets the whit of Tina Turners 'Acid Queen' - Amazing. What a legend.

_Want Want Want

_This life sized vintage ceramic Greyhound / Whippet is currently in the window of the Paul Smith Interiors Store just off Bond St. and I want it so badly - Its just amazing, and a totally bargain at £740.00!?


_The Most incredible set of photos taken by my friend Scott, while flying from Montreal to New York - Like the best shadow puppet EVER.

_Shawn Mortensen, 1966—2009

_Last Wednesday (April 15th) iconic 90's photographer SHAWN MORTENSEN, sadly passed away - A kinetic force of optimism and seemingly limitless positive energy, Shawn’s hearty career as a photojournalist and artist took him around the world several times over, unselfishly spreading his endless supply of good vibes as he went. Particularly renowned for his portraits of musicians, artists, and entertainers, Shawn photographed a stunning array of pop culture demigods in his 20+ year career including Keith Haring, Tupac, Henry Rollins, James Brown, The Notorious BIG, Bjork, Jun Takahashi, Leo Fitzpatrick, Christopher Wool, Mark Gonzales, Ed Ruscha, Vivienne Westwood, The Bad Brains, Dash Snow, Grandmaster Flash, Neil Young, MIA, John Lee Hooker, Nigo, Sofia Coppola, Agnes B., Sonic Youth, The Beastie Boys, Keith Richards, Chloe Sevigny, The Foo Fighters, Everlast, Kraftwerk, Wu Tang Clan, and The Sex Pistols, to name but a few. Shawn was also a successful commercial photographer who worked with clients like SUPREME and NIKE, and publications like VIBE, and I-D Magazine, where his streetwise eye was a highly prized commodity. Within the artistic community of his homeland of Los Angeles, Mortensen was a local legend whose constant presence at weekly art openings was a staple of the scene, his favorite Polaroid camera always in hand. At the time of his death, 43-year-old Mortensen was working on a series of new artwork titled “M.O.R.= Monsters!, Outlaws, & Renegades” set to debut at SPACE15TWENTY in Los Angeles in June of this year, and a collaborative photo-based T-Shirt line with Hollywood fashion brand BARRACUDA. Our hearts go out to Shawn’s family during this difficult time. Needless to say, Shawn may be gone, but he will not be forgotten. For newcomers to Shawn’s work, his excellent book, “Out of Mind” is a must-have photographic reference point.

Above are just a few of my favourites of his incredible body of work.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

_I have . . .

_A new A1 picture for my wall - Muse of the moment Ryan, taken on shoot last month. Lovely, it certainly puts a smile on my face every morning.


_Thanks to my 'Industry Gossip Girl' here's next months cover of interview Magazine. The First issue done entirely by M/M Paris, no Baron / M/M tranistion period like last months Zack Efron cover. This is the one that will tell. And from the cover I think I like it - It looks like its straight out of 1987, which makes me love it. BUT, is that a good thing that it looks like an old design and not a new one? - We'll see.

_The Garden of Hell

_One of my favourite interiors ever - Diana Vreeland's 'Parlour' - She told her interior design she wanted it red, but no normal red, "The red of the Garden of Hell" - A ballsy room, for a ballsy woman. Incredible. I love all the different patterns in the the same tone of reds.

_<3 White T's

_'We Love White Tee' the new T-shirt project / collab by Topman - its actually quite nice. Some lovely designs by JW Anderson, Juun J, phillip Lim, Christopher Shannon (I bet you'd never guess which was his!?), Richard Chai and Henry Holland (an 'H' collar Henry?! - come on). The Shoots quite nice by Ben Weller (Always shoots boys well) Im just not sure about all that COLOUR stlying with big old bright backgrounds? - Didn't we do that 18 months ago?

_3 Images

_That go together in such a satisfying manner.


_I'm currently obsessed with the look of the 'Calendar' section on the 'Interview' magazine website - Its just so nice with that hand type runing over the Serif type and a big old numbered grid under that. And, it all works so cleanly.

_Its been a while...

-since I posted some glorious little interiors. So here we are.