Tuesday, 28 July 2009

_If anyones wondering where I'm at . . .

_I have a new boyfriend.

He's called Finn, Takes me on fun dates all over London, and leaves my thighs and ass aching like a Mother fucker - The perfect boy.

And, I hate to admit it, but, I think I may be in love.

_RBPMStudio Johnson Preview

_This arrived this morning - the first preview of the 'Johnson' magazine Candle, this one is 'Lavender Boys' and the combination of Lavender, Sandlewood and patchouli smells incredible, the other scents are equally good as well, but I'm not saying what they are yet ;)

_October 1996, One of the best Face magazines ever, Part .II

_Such an amazing and iconic shoot by the late Isabella Blow, so great to see such a bizarre shoot in an issue on which Hip Hop legend Lauryn Hill is the cover star. The shoot itself is brilliant, with purple toned palettes, strange child models, corsetry, and corn beef thighs - Complete Genius.

_'When I Grow Up'

_Fever Ray's new single (the lead singer of The Knife) 'When I grow up' has such an incredible opener with Fever dressed beautifully (like a young Bjork) with autumn winds blowing around her, stood on the end of a diving board over a leaf filled pool, then as the beat drops her stunning a bizarre dancing starts. At this point the video goes a bit far, with water unnecessarily exploding from the pool. But the the opener and song are well worth a look.


_Not really a big fan of Dazed, but the August issue has a great little shoot entitled 'constricted': Inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe's portrayal of the New York fetish scene. An unexpected hourglass silhouette prevails within constricted menswear. Photography by Karim Sadli and styling by Robbie Spencer.

_'Snaps for Elle'

_I was really quite shocked last night when flicking through one of my house mates old issues of Elle magazine - firtly I couldn't get over that fact that such a mainstream magazine had done a shoot in Africa and secondly I couldn't believe how beautiful the shoot was - not only the incredible images and cast, but it was so nice to see an black model featured in the shoot rather than the usual 'Vogue look' of an awkward blonde white girl surrounded by Masai tribesmen, Plus the models features fit perfectly to the local look of the Masai - Very nice, clever and Considered, Like I say 'Snaps for Elle.'

_1960's LA

_Just some completely glorious pieces of 1960's Californian Architecture.
Thank you Jacob.

Monday, 27 July 2009

_Hair Envy

_Noisettes lead singer Shinghai - Totally jelous - Girls got DAMN GOOD hair. All stills taken from the new Noisettes video 'Never Forget You' from the album 'Wild Young Hearts'

_RBPMstudio Preview Bstore Exhibit

_I'm currently working with an incredible artist on a show publication and installation piece for his upcoming show at Bstore on Saville Row, starting the the end of next month and running into Fashion Week. Shown above are stills from a Super8 film of one of his pieces. The Studio is also working with him to help him create limited edition pieces of Jewellery and a super limited gold foil version of the publication - Stay tuned for more updates on this great Artist and his up coming exhibtion.

_Possibly the best house EVER

_I have no idea where it is, who it was built by and who lives there, but, I think you'll agree, can you image living in a more inspiring home?! - Grey concrete, sliced with glass and surrouded by snow capped mountains, and that walled garden?! dont start me - Pure in every sense of the word.

_Banned CK Advert

_I never realized that there was a print campaign to go with one of my favourite set of adverts ever. Banned the week it was released, the set of 6, 30 second long adverts are so dark and suggestive, as, evidently it the great print campaign. Youtube search the advert and bask in the joys of the James Deanesque 'August'


_These three images make me want to crawl under a huge feather duvet, or curl on the sofa and dream amazing dreams.


_I want this in my flat SO BADLY - in my room, in the lounge, I dont care, I just want it there, filled with cusions, so I can go play on my computer in it, and just hang out and read a book - Glorious.


_A glorious archive publication from the costumes of the Russian Ballet. Baron Baron surely?

_'When You’re a Boy'

_17 July - 4 October 2009
"When You’re a Boy celebrates men in fashion photography, specifically the men who create photographs of men. Focusing on the career of a stylist rather than a photographer, this is the first exhibition devoted to the groundbreaking British menswear stylist Simon Foxton, whose career spans the last three decades, a time of profound change in fashion and style

When You’re a Boy explores the working practice of a fashion stylist through Foxton’s important working partnerships with Nick Knight (UK, b.1958), Jason Evans (UK, b.1968) and Alasdair McLellan (UK, b.1974) as well as his numerous collaborations with other photographers including John Balsom (UK, b.1970); Donald Christie (UK, b.1960); Ben Dunbar-Brunton (UK, b.1976); David Hughes (UK, b.1969); Benjamin Alexander Huseby (Norway, b.1978); Giles Price (UK, b.1973); Stefan Ruiz (USA, b.1964); David Sims (UK, b.1966) and Simon Thiselton (UK, b.1975).

Foxton's witty, often provocative and highly influential work is presented through a selection of photographic prints, tear sheets and scrapbooks."

I'm not sure I was convinced, some of the pictures were lovely (The top image of these looks incredible an an A0 size, however I'd still prefer to see it in its original AH+ format), Penny Martins curration seemed a little broken and dated. Plus the 'write ups' were too wrapped up in homo connotations.

Free non the less, so worth a look.

_Mildly Obsessed

_With firstly having a 1970's Citroen DS Safari Wagon - on some type of 'putty' tone, and those sick ass 'tilt blinds' in the back windows. And secondly with having a lightly built Whippet, firstly it'd look incredible in that car and secondly, they're SO cute it almost hurts.


_Its been a while since I blogged some lovely ones, so here we are.

_October 1996, One of the best Face magazines ever, Part .I

_While being at home this last week I had the time to browse through all the old magazines I bought as a kid - including my entire back catolgue of Face magazines. In doing so I came across this issue, an issue I bought in 1st year at high school, when I was 12, and pretty much every feature / advert / fashion story in there has influenced my later design / music / style life, as you will see over the next few posts, devoted entirely to this completely genius issue - Starting with the cover story 'The Fugees' - Lauryn is 21 and its 3 years before the seminal 'Miseducation' was released and yet she is still the complete head strong genius and inspiration she went on to be years into the future.

Long live The Face.
Long live Lauryn.