Saturday, 30 January 2010

_Bedtime Reading

_I completely love this story from Fantastic Man a few seasons back, 'Dutch Earrings' is such an ace feature, and left me with some amazingly inspiring dreams last night.

_Hold on to your Dreams

_“Hold on to your dreams - Credi nei tuoi sogni” italian release Stussy special pack. “Hold on to your dreams” is the first biography of the musician and composer Arthur Russell, one of the most important contributors to the downtown New York music scene in the 70s and 80s.

For the Italian release Stussy created a special pack containing the book and a t-shirt inspired by an original Arthur Russell’s artwork produced in only 50 pieces, plus a photo exhibition of the musician’s life at Stussy Store Milano, Corso di Porta Ticinese 103.

_Sporting Prince

_Moving me onwards and upwards today is this shoot from last seasons AH+ 'Buffalo Past: Monarchy in the UK' shot by Jamie Morgan.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

_Today I miss this office . . .

_I just found these images after having woken up to shite weather and a total loss on internet connection, resulting in a barrage of calls asking me to do ridiculous tasks. So, these images (as much as they make me happy) are not helping. I miss my guys, I miss the office fun, I miss learning something new every day (thanks Josh and michelle), I even miss Marvin's smelly (but cute ass) puppies, I miss late nights and early morning Jamba juice, I miss my amazing loft, I miss mexican lunches wrapped in foil and last minute photo calls, I miss arizona green tea and most of all, I miss my city.

Monday, 25 January 2010

_Inspiring my Day

_I'm currently working on a new project (something I've never done before, but always wanted to) and today this image is driving me towards the finished product in a big way.

_New stack on the lobster pot

_New seasons are on there way, and in the mean time and running with new fanzines (Fever), old architecture and pop culture (Pin-Up and Interview) and new interiors (WOI), all perfect and inspiring afternoon reading (and yes, thats on of my favourite pieces, a 1950's kitsch genius lobster pot footstool/side table)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

_Not missing it one bit . . .

_The Paris shows.

For the first time in 4 years I'm not there (due to the combination of work, family and illness) and I genuinely couldn't be happier. I love Paris in Fashion Week, but this year I am quite happy to view the shows online, have the time to breath them in (wearing my trackies!) and get myself all better for LFW and how amazing that will be xx

Note: Okay, maybe I'm missing the cute boys, but I'll just have to arrange some LDN castings to make up for it ;)

_I'm Currently Watching . . .

_A plethora of Harmony Korine films - I started with 'Mister Lonely' as I mentioned below, then did 'Kids' and 'Ken Park' (for which Korine wrote the screenplays for Larry Clark) and am now on my personal favourite Korine film 'Gummo' and yet have to do his two darkest, 'Julien Donkey-Boy' and the 2010 release 'Trash Humpers'

_Bedtime boys

_just another set for the collection.

_Cut & Paste

_I love this book, compiled by Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington about the seminal NY collage artist Michael Roberts. Hid prints and interpretations are simply stunning.

_Working away on a Sunday eve . . .

_The clue is in the song.
Amazing project, loving doing it.
Cant wait for the Launch come February.

_New Obsession

_This new obsession with 'Art Decks' is not going well - I cant stop - I'm currently bidding on these on ebay. The images just make me SO happy. Obviously.

_Love Locked

_My dad has this exact same thing in his garage at home.
I have no idea why?
I have no idea where the keys are.
I just kind of accept it, and love it.

_Currently Watching . . .

_The 2008 Harmony Korine film 'Mister Lonely' in which a young American who works as a Michael Jackson lookalike meets Marilyn Monroe on the streets of Paris, she invites him to her commune in Scotland, where she lives with Charlie Chaplin and her daughter, Shirley Temple. The film is then interlinked with the above images of Nuns in Brazil - totally strange, totally brilliant, totally Korine.

_Best show so far. . .

_Damir Doma.
Reminds me of early shapely Raf meets the good bits from Rick Owens palettes with a light dusting of the old Helmut lang forms. Total genius.

_Get Comfortable

_The Hon Mrs Reginald Fellowes, relaxing in a green-silk Paquin negligée at 34 Chapel Street in London, which she rented during World War II from politician Duff Cooper and his wife, Lady Diana. Image by Cecil Beaton for British "Vogue", June 1941.

In the coming year, I want my house, my rooms, my life, to be more comfortable. Not slovenly and careless, mind you, but definitely equipped with upholstery that invites coziness. Some benighted souls find cozy to be four-letter word in the world of interior design, but honestly, if you can't close your front door, curl up, and chill out, what's the point?

My living room is nowhere large enough to accommodate the vast sofa shown in the image above, but it's something to aspire to—so if you have the square footage, think seriously about incorporating a similarly beckoning behemoth into your environment. Long, deep, bedecked with cushions, and covered in flowered chintz, it graced a room in the London house where Franco-American fashion plate Daisy Fellowes lived during World War II, just off Belgrave Square. At the time this boldface Singer sewing-machine heiress was working as the first president of the Incorporated Society of London Fashion Designers while her husband, Winston Churchill's cousin the Hon Reginald Fellowes, served in the Home Guard, and their only child, Rosamond, attended to injured citizens as a nurse in the Voluntary Aid Detachment.

If any interior decorator finds a client openminded enough to accept a stylish sofa this Brobdingnagian in scale, do let me know. I'd like to stretch out and stay a while

_'Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing'

_American photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber has been commissioned by Yves Saint Laurent's Creative Director Stefano Pilati to shoot and direct a short film that made its worldwide debut at the presentation of the YSL Collection Homme Automne/Hiver 2010-2011 on Friday, January 22nd, 2010 in Paris.

Titled ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing’ will be shown alongside the fashion show of the new collection. Continuing a tradition now in its fifth season, where an artist is given carte blanche to create a film project that is shown with the men’s collection, this latest initiative underlines Pilati’s belief that true creative production requires freedom and diverse points of departure.

A trailer featuring a behind-the-scenes tour of the Bruce Weber film and exclusive backstage images from the preparation of Stefano Pilati’s fashion show debuted online at Facebook and Youtube at 12.30pm local time on Friday, at the same moment the fashion show begins live. ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing’ and the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show video were posted simultaneously on, Facebook and Youtube that same afternoon at 4pm.

And is totally beautiful. Like a mini 'Chop Suey' some older footage of Webers (Simon Nessman swimming in a forest) but some cute newer stuff and great older video footage of Bunny Yeager. Who needs to be in Paris for the shows?!

Friday, 22 January 2010

_As Requested

-I have had quite a few blog and email requests for me to show a few more spreads from my final year magazine 'thesquaretriangle'. Well, here we are, I thought I'd rinsed showing it at the time, and was quite bored of it, but now I look back I remember how much I loved creating it. I have also shown an image of the binding - each issue was hand french stitched, which was quite a challenge considering the magazine measured 420 x 594 mm (inspired by the iconic 'Manipulator' magazine)


_Will McBride

_Will McBride rose to fame in the 1960s as a pre-eminent documentary photographer. His photo essays have appeared regularly in various German magazines, work that quickly established him as a definitive chronicler of the Kennedy and Adenauer years.
Will McBride has been a controversial artist. His U.S. publisher withdrew from publication Mcbride’s extraordinary sex education book, 'Show Me', although it was never officially banned. It became widely available in German, Dutch, and other language editions. Now considered rare and extremely, almost prohibitively expensive, it is available in the US through various book sites for $500. I recently bought another of his books 'Coming of Age' and totally adore everything in it. Quite dark (ie. some of the boys ages are questionable) but it was the 60's so we'll let that slip, a stunning and highly recommended book.

_Idea of the day / week / month / decade

_Glass panels replacing the wood panels in standard cupboard doors, with interior lighting, almost like a medical cabinet, totally stunning, and something I do plan to recreate in the future.

_Burbs AW10

_Love it, a few people have said to me that they think it a 'bit far and wont sell as well due to this' and to be honest, that probably why I like it, over sized, bold shapes, thin legs, heavy boots, and an amazing double breasted 'teddy bear' coat - roll on the Porsum sample sale at Burberry Castle!