Thursday, 28 August 2008


_QUICK LOOK, Im mentioning another photographer to Mert and Marcus! - Inez van Lamsweerde styled Vinoodh Matadin, Same model as usual though, Kate, looking stunning, for 'W' magazine, I especially like the strange top 'drowning' image.


_Sorry about this - Yes, another Mert & Marcus shoot, for 'POP' possibly my favourite of thiers ever - cant think of one single thing i dont like about it, especially the first two and last shots - AMazing

_I wanna go . . .

_To Africa. If nothing else, for styling tips.

_Hot Rockabilly Boy

For Arena Homme+
By Mert & Marcus, of course.

Hot boy.
Ace photos.
I'd just like one of them.

_Gary Card

_The fashion scene is awash with hanger ons, talentless hacks, and the type of people who don’t serve any purpose other than to dress like a complete idiot at fashion week. Fortunately, it’s also filled with people with real talent.

Set designer Gary Card is one such talent that deserves some major attention for his amazing set design. His understanding of color, texture and aesthetics makes him the current “must have” for any photographer or designer and his work with Paul Smith has given his career a series shot of mainstream worthyness. AnOther Man caught up with the rising star in thier most recent issue, photographing him in front of some of his own work, check it out


_Mert & Marcus, Kate Moss, amazing, perfect and glamorous - a natural safe ground for both parties then?

What more can I say?

_2008 'Sartorialist' Menswear

_So after finding the below image I found an entire set of just great shots of amazing menswear, I've been thinking of recent of how my look will envolve as I get older - I just hope it evolves as well as any of these guys, from classic menswear, to layed back seersucker, and tight formality to ace satin jumpsuits! - yet somehow each one of them looks incredible and individual in there own personal way.

_Omahyra, Paris

June 29th 2008, from 'The Sartorialist' - just classic Omahyra - punk as fuck, ace as hell, cool as ice.

_'Whats New'? - eerrrr?

This is the feature shoot from the newly designed 'Interview' Magazine, Kate Moss By Glenn O'Brian. Now as much as I love Kate and 'Interview', the cover text reads 'Whats new pussy cat?' - I get that the entire look of the magazine is new, but the Kate shoot just isn't, its the usual Kate, topless shoot, same poses, get ups, even wigs (although does she not look eerilly like a touched up Madonna on tour?). Im not saying it doesn't work, its Great, but not 'new'.

_Joe McKenna

_Just some lovely bits of styling from sylist DuJour Joe McKenna - Love the stark and brutal simplicity of the bottom images, harking of Ray Petri in the 'clothes collaging' middle image and my favourite piece from A/W06 - the Prada fur Bike helmets - ACE.

_Mini Kim Renaissance

Just before he Launches with his 'Classic, Manly Dunhill' i just wanted to have a bit of a Kim Jones Renaissance, well from '05 to '08 actaully, but its just ace, his 'chavy boy with a designer edge' is just perfect and i hope he remembers at least some of it when designing for british institution Dunhill.

"Jones collaborates on part of his collection with tailor Timothy Everest, and here that yielded pieces like a seersucker shirt-jacket. In his own right, he also paid close attention to fabric: Bike shorts came in cotton-cashmere, and a kicky little all-in-one was in herringbone. That has become Jones's signature. He twists athleticwear iconography into something intriguingly personal."

"Jones has garnered a growing cult following through his moonlighting gigs at a handful of sportswear labels, and it's obvious why: He has a knack for making athleticwear look unusual and interesting. There was a kick-boxing flair to full trousers. Knit leggings in lilac or gray were paired with formal partners—a gray jacket, a petrol-blue trench—in Jones' own take on this season's sporty dressiness (or is that dressy sportiness?). Prison uniforms may well have influenced a striped cotton jumpsuit and a chambray shirt-and-pant combo, but they looked light and carefree. Some models wore little knit hats (Jones called them "squid hats") that gave them the look of tricoteuses. This is, after all, Paris, home of the Revolution."

All freakin Ace.

Friday, 22 August 2008

_What I shall be working on all day tomorrow

_A new F+R shoot - Luella A/W08, Great Model - Heather at Models1, Bad Weather and annoying council estate kids.
Non the less a pleasing set of shots.

_What I hope to be dreaming of . . .

_Amazing Holidays with friends, incredible sunsets, warm beaches, cool oceans and of course, £3,000 Comme Des Garcons paper skirts.

All images: Terrence Koh by Matthew Stone

_Just before I head out for the night . . .

_Having spoke about the 1990's so much tonight - this is what I shall be watching in bed tonight. Also i just found the bottom image, and it genuinely made me laugh out loud.

_Bill Dan

The work of San Francisco, California balanced rock sculptor Bill Dan and the art, discipline and craft of rock balancing and balanced stone stacking around the world. Included are images of Bill's balanced stones and rocks - Freakin' Unbelievable.

_Heart NYC

_Just found a file on my hard drive, entitled 'NYC' blog updates, and found all of the 'diary shots' I took on a daily basis while i was living in New York last summer. here are just a few, but they have put such a massive smile on my face.

_Early Joe, All of Joe.

_So this is a shot taken of Joe Dallesandro in his late teens, when he was an aspiring body builder (thus explaining the oil), before he was picked up by Warhol and before he worked on growing out that beautiful mane. Now, I'd seen this image before, but never the full shot, it was always cropped at the waist - it was a very nice 'suprise' to find the rest ;)

_Livraison, Part II

_So i just found these great sample spreads from the first three issues of this great magazine.
Check it out, and try for the real thing, as you cant fullt appreciate it until you feel the incredible paper and satisfying thickness and weight.