Sunday, 28 February 2010


_"Re-bel was being distributed outside in the courtyard of Somerset House. It’s an impressive feat, a manifesto that rebuts the bloggy brevity their peers opt for. In fact, Re-bel looks so substantial that it made the clothes feel like an afterthought. But, from Karl Marx to Malcolm Maclaren, London has always been the city that is kindest to manifestos."

From by Tim Blanks

Online version available very soon.


_I love it when something totally simple is made by the purity and beauty of its overall finish and attention to detail.

_My Spring Look . . .

_90's Armani meets nomad traveller.
Volumous shapes, sharp edge, pure palette.

_A late night Treat . . .

_From Mr Ellis Scotts Blog.
The boys from last years Nasir show.

Stun ning.

_Cant Stop Buying . . .

_Old Interview magazines. I've collected them for about 7 years now, but in the last few months I've met a dealer who always comes to me first with his new stock - This is both a blessing and a curse - since December I have spent over £XXX pounds on limited issues.

_Monochrome Craft

_I love when something very graphic is created in a handcraft way - this is one of those things. It totally gets me. Completely sharp, yet you're so aware of the presence of another.



_Work in Progress

_A few friends of mine produced this throughout the second year of there graphics degree at CSM - its really great, and I loved collecting all the differing coloured screen print issues through the year.

"Functioning in conjunction with, and acting as an additional alternative space to our second year show, this publication was produced with the intention to give light to previously unseen, unfinished and unrealised ideas. This was a monthly publication displaying work by second year BA Graphic Design students at Central Saint Martins."

For more info:

_Purple Fashion #13

_Its great.

After too many boobs last season.
This works for both the hetros and homos.
Thanks Olivier.


_Is this EVER going on sale?!

_And if so where?!

The Buyer at DSM told me on Friday that they weren't getting any of the stud print or tartan from SS10 - WTF?! - With no Givenchy store in LDN, and the only other place that stocks it being Harrods (and lets be honest, are they gonna stock me a full stud print look?!)

Please, someone, inform me where I can find this?!

_I love . . .

_How Jeremy's polaroid collages are getting more and more elaborate and random - They are working their way to Hockney size - love it.

_I hate . . .

_How we in the UK are a month behind on Interview magazines - in the modern day world this is totally ridiculous. Just a the JayZ cover drops here, the Lara cover releases in the US - Bullshit, I want this issue NOW - it looks total genius.

Get it sorted Fabien.

_Just Ordered . . .

_The J.W Anderson heavy duty 'Caravan' boot. This is a refurbished Army boot, originally from a 60s factory. All that remain have been used for the JW Anderson AW/10 collection, lavishly embellished with chunky gold metal hardware

_Want Want Want

_The all black customizable PVD Rolex Daytona Chronograph by Bamford and Sons. Only £8500 - I want this more than anything in the world right now, and I have been told that nothing holds its value more, than Diamonds, and Rolex's - Does this justify buying this watch?!

_Does this mean it may come to the UK?!

_Kenneth Capello's 'Acid Drop' opened in the middle of last month at the 'Surface to Air' Boutique on Rue du Temple in Paris, After a month long stint in NYC's Milk Gallery throughout November.

Please tell me that means its making its way to the UK?!

_The PJ

_This always did, and always will, totally melt me. It feels like my life.

Still one of my favourite editorials EVER.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

_Go and see this . . .

FEBRUARY 19 - MARCH 27 2010

Sprüth Magers London is delighted to present an exhibition of work by the legendary filmmaker and artist Kenneth Anger, in his first solo show in London for five years. Making films continuously since the late 1940s and considered a countercultural icon, Kenneth Anger is widely acclaimed as a pioneering and influential force in avant-garde cinema. His groundbreaking body of work has inspired cineastes, filmmakers and artists alike. Many channels of contemporary visual culture, from queer iconography to MTV, similarly owe a debt to his art.

The exhibition will feature his seminal 1969 film Invocation of My Demon Brother. This work, a hypnotic montage of jarringly edited images, shifting intense colours and symbols with a repetitive synthesised soundtrack by Mick Jagger, is typical of Anger’s sinister and subversive aesthetic.

The Perfect place to hide away on a rainy afternoon (exactly what I did on Friday, while the rain poured outside)

_Todd Lynn AW10

_I died.

These sculpted shoulder pieces are incredible.
Made from strips of woven leather, creating the ultimate 'crafted shoulder'.
Miss Jackson and were loving them - See '_RBPMstudio LFW, Spent' below.

_Rоша Pубчинский

_Rоша Pубчинский Slave Autumn/Winter 2010

I genuinely feel a little bit wrong looking at this - such young boys - there something so innocently dark about them.

_LFW, Backstage

_With one of my favourite backstage photographers - Miss Holly Hay. I love the tone of her slightly voyeuristic imagery, and the fact she still shoots on film, giving that incredible grainy texture you just cant get any other way.

Stun ning.