Tuesday, 20 July 2010

_Cuban Hideaway

_I adore these pictures, I can for the life of me remember who took them. But I do remember my reason for pulling them was the fact I think they truly encapsulate the spirit of the Casa's in Havana (Casa's are private houses you can stay in, but can only find them via word of mouth. Most are in old colonial houses, and filled with historic and mismatched pieces of furniture ranging from about the 1850's to about 1960 when 'modern western' contact was cut). Having spent 6 weeks there in the summer of '08 I have never been so inspired/scared/drained by a country. I feel the worn elegance of these images really capture the past anger against modern hope of Cuba's future.

If you know who took these images, please let me know, and I will of course credit them.

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Joanne said...

Robert Polidori!