Wednesday, 12 December 2007

_The Wapping Project

_Right, my train leaves to take me back to the country in a few hours, but i just had to take a moment to blog about this incedible resturant / arts space. Suprisingly enough based in Wapping in east London, i recently ate thier with friends for my Birthday, and it so so good, the food is unreal (and changes seasonly/monthly, see this months menu above) and the space itself is even better, with the main 'dining hall' in the centre of an old power station, with all machinery left in, just covered in flickering candles . Then once you have finished dinner, you are invited by the owners (who still work thier everyday) to view the current Art Space, which is another huge and starkly beautiful warehouse space.

Well worth checking out, especially with the christmas season in full swing.

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