Thursday, 5 November 2009

_Mulberry X Apple

_Mulberry, the iconic British lifestyle brand that has established a world-wide loyal following for their highly coveted leather goods, is set to bring the ‘Brit-cool’ image it has garnered to the equally iconic and innovative brand of Apple.

Come November, Mulberry will unveil its first collaboration with the power house of technology to release a collection of nine pieces that will house various Apple products including the MacBook, MacBook Pro, the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

These luxurious pieces will possess the quality and superior craftsmanship that Mulberry is renowned for and will preserve details of the classic Mulberry icons such as the Bayswater for Women and the Brynmore for Men allowing the exterior to resemble these classic beloved pieces. Deciding to develop the collection was easy, Creative Director of Mulberry (and devoted Mac user) Emma Hill says "Mulberry have a legacy of craftsmanship and I'm thrilled to launch our first luxury collection for a whole host of Apple products".

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