Thursday, 31 December 2009

_Country Archive I.

_One of my favourite things to do while I'm back in the country is having the time to go through my (other) magazine archive - I have a selection in London (around 2,000) then everything from age nineteen and before is still in the country, so all my Face magazines, 10 years worth of Vogues, plus about 5 years worth of i-D, Sleazenation, Homme+, Arena, POP and Wallpaper* from before I moved to LDN, plus anything else that took my eye (from random fanzines to magazines that didnt run for long ie. the relaunched Nova from the mid nineties) - meaning I have about another 5,000 up here, so plenty of inapiration then! - This was at the top of the pile for some reason, I remember picking it up in NYC 2 years ago and bringing it back here afterwards, but never remembered this great Mert & Marcus and Oliver Rizzo shoot from 'V' SS08 - Check the Ace freakin' hair and soft whiplash stylings.

Note: Expect more of these 'Country Archive' posts over the next few days.

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R said...

Mert+Marcus has done a couple of eds in Arena Homme + that has never made it to the internet...think you could snap them for us/me :)...thanks