Saturday, 18 April 2009

I'm currently watching . . .

_The 1995 classic: "Clueless" on Film4 - A teen favourite - Its SO GOOD.

"Emma, Jane Austen's novel is modernised and given this very accurate title "Clueless." How vapid can one girl be? And how rich too? Or popular!! Cher can be all three things quite easily and still have perfect blonde hair and a manicure. She lives in Beverly Hills and drives a great Jeep, but doesn't exactly have her licence yet... With her best friend, Dionne, whose a sassy plastic too, she's living the high life. Or is she? She is absolutely horrified when her grades drop, but they're only negotiation grades anyway! All the other teachers give her a boost in her grades for extra work, but the stuffy debate teacher, Mr. Hall, isn't bought! As if this isn't totally puke-arific, Cher's smart and hunky ex step brother, Josh, comes to town! He is way too environment orientated for her liking, he listens to "whiney college music" and is a couch commando. A new girl, Tai, comes to school and is quickly made over by Cher and Dionne! But Tai's crush for Elton, a rich kid, is soon stomped on when he says he likes Cher! No worries her heart's mended by a good Christian Slater and ice cream. Cher is then after the pretty boy, Christian, who turns out to be gay!! So much for sending herself chocolates and showing extra skin. Cher also does a match making bit on Mr. Hall and Miss. Geist, soon her debating grades are sky high! Then Tai gets a scare from some guys at a mall, and becomes popular due to her supposed brush with death! Cher is way confused and irated when she pulgs her learners, sees Tai with Josh and starts falling for Josh herself! She then resorts to a make over of her soul and gets involved in charity work and mending the romance between Tai and the skater, Travis. But she soon learns that Josh is madly in love with her! And they kiss on the staircase! Miss. Geist and Mr. Hall get married in a white wedding deluxe. Through all the antics, the heartbreaks and the "whatevers", Cher finds true love and isn't so Clueless anymore!"

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