Sunday, 28 February 2010

_Is this EVER going on sale?!

_And if so where?!

The Buyer at DSM told me on Friday that they weren't getting any of the stud print or tartan from SS10 - WTF?! - With no Givenchy store in LDN, and the only other place that stocks it being Harrods (and lets be honest, are they gonna stock me a full stud print look?!)

Please, someone, inform me where I can find this?!


Lynn and Horst said...

they have it at selfridges, do you have 1.500 pounds for a star studded shirt?

Rob said...

ha, I'd prefer to spend 8K on the Rolex below ;)

Richard Kilroy said... do one or two of the print tops, don't think there are any studded though