Saturday, 27 February 2010

_RBPMstudio LFW, Spent

_After six hardcore days and nights, it finally ended on Wednesday night, and now it feels kinda strange that I dont have to be partying till 4am, then up and out with a full look for shows by 10am - Since then I have literally slept. I will post photos, thoughts and opinions of the last week over the forthcoming 7 days.

But just as a starting point - The best part of my week is split between 1am bacon sandwiches at the Pam Hogg party (all parties should do this), the amazing 'New York New York' party at Sketch or sitting one person away from Janet Jackson on the front row of the Todd Lynn show on Tuesday, infact, who am I kidding?! - Its TOTALLY the latter.

I was breathing the same air as a Jackson!


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