Thursday, 29 April 2010

_New Issues II

_Arena Homme+ SS10 came out a few weeks back, it looks great, the 'turn it sideways' thing is a bit weird, but I think Neville Brody has done a really good job on this one, especially after the last one!? It seems controversially being appointed new head of Communication Design at the Royal College has done him well. Lovely fashion stories, good type, nice features. And what a colour palette, an all round great issue.

BTW: The Marky Mark Interview Feb '92 Cut up collage by Patrick Waugh is from my collection, looks great, and the amount of people that knew I leant it to Patrick who called me and where like "you let him cut it up!?" - Nope, its just good ass photography, then cut up afterwards. AS IF that would EVER happen!

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