Thursday, 10 June 2010

_ 愛

_I'm currently mildly obsessed, thanks to stylist Matthew Josephs with the Japanese label Phenomenon's AW10 collection.

The most obvious talking point of Phenomenon’s Autumn/Winter show is the manskirt. While some open - front styles were strong nods to the traditional Samurai Hakama battle skirt. Overall, however, the collection took us back more than a few centuries. Design-wise, the practically literal references to the Samurai were endless. I would like to redirect our attention, therefore, away from the manskirt, to the jacket and outerwear design. From wool to nylon, the silhouette of the Samurai armor was present in each of these pieces. The more literal takes on the traditional warrior armor were the most fascinating, specifically the 3-dimensional arm construction as well as a look showing detached “armored” leather sleeves as a version of outerwear.

Kings of streetwear, Phenomenon has realized that the concept of protection on the battlefield can be equally as useful on the street.

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