Tuesday, 8 June 2010

_Hotel Beds, at Home . . .

_Literally, I cant get enough of making my bed at the minute, infact sod that, I just love making beds - Its so satisfying, its like a huge piece of immaculate folding in the middle of the room, and mine is even tucked behind a bookcase in my room. But when people do see it, the sartorial sharpness always shocks them. PLUS, it feels like you're getting into a hotel bed every night (I'm told this regularly)

Reccomended: 800 thread count (always) white sheets, fibre pillows, 14 tog goose down duvet (for Winter) 12 tog fibre duvet (for summer). And my current favourite (shown) 20" square, custom made powder grey wool scatter cushions with steel zips.


Jr said...

gayest post so far

_RBPM said...

Jesus, I just re-read it, and I'd TOTALLY agree.
OMG, am I gay?! ;)