Sunday, 24 May 2009

_Street Syle, Adam

_Since graduating last summer, I seem to have completely stopped taking street style shots (other than when Nylon request it of me), this may have something to do with the fact that recesssion stops people spending the money on 'dressing up' for day to day wear, or (the more likely option) - Im currently just too busy to stop and take notice to how well people dress in our fair city. This changed on wednesday, when it was the 2009 internal Central Saint Martins Graduating collections shows - year from year it brings its old students back to see friends, colleagues and fresh competion coming out into the industry. Evidently, this was the case when I bumped into a load of old classmates who are now scattered across the globe. Adam (above) is currently working with the menswear design team for Ralph Lauren in NYC - Glad to see that the boy has still got totally sick style.

Good to see you boys x

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