Friday, 22 January 2010


_So, I'm currently poorly, and have therefore spent alot of time perusing my bookcase, this afternoon I found a pile of magazines I started collecting when living a NYC 2 years ago - 1940's & 1950's Muscle magazines, I love them for not only their completely genius layouts, but also the boys in them - just before body building went too far, and the names! where do I start?! - My personal favourite guy of the era, Ed Fury, and the beautiful Glen Bishop or the perfectly named Kip Behar and Boyer Coe or the 1950's Givenchy boy Chris Dickerson - Total genius and an utter joy to flick through. Another thing to not is the size of these magazines, averaging at about 240mm X 150mm (around A5 sized) - I love the idea that they purposely made the magazines so small to make the guys feel even bigger.

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