Sunday, 10 January 2010

_Busy Boy I

_I apologise for not blogging until now, I've been a hella busy boy. All positive for 2010, lots of shoots, lots of new prospects, and all sorts of fun stuff, but right now, I've literally not touching the ground day from day.

Above we have a product shoot I did on Friday for Vintage Couture company The Vintage Academe with photographer Pelle Crepin, a very quiet day, but with some incredible pieces from 1920's Gabrielle Chanel and Jean Patou, to 1950's Balmain and Dior, 1970s Paco Rabanne Couture, all the way up to 80 and 90's Comme Des Garcons, Galliano and Alaia.

Ace, stay tuned for more,
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