Wednesday, 20 January 2010

_Censored by CSM

_So, Tuesday night saw the opening of the exhibition 'When Central met Saint Martins' on Southampton Row in central London. And a few weeks back I was asked if my oversized final year magazine 'thesquaretriangle' could be included in the exhibition, I was flattered, but then came opening night, and to say I was disappointed the the spread chosen to represent my (interiors based) magazine would be an understatement - A random fashion spread. So, me being the shrinking violet I am, mentioned it to the currator and she informed me that the show had opened 48 hours in advance to the opening and they had had so many complaints about the 'innapropriate nature' of the chosen spreads from my magazine that the Dean of CSM had been called to oversee the decision. It later came to light that the spreads in the limelight were the third and fourth images down in this post. Basically they chose something 'safe' (and boring) for opening night, so as not to 'offend'.

Ha, Brilliant.

Emails have been sent, words had, and here's hoping we will reach a 'creative compromise' by the end of this week (I'm not really that bothered, its just the creative moral of it). My magazine was designed to innovative, un-affraid, forward thinking and yes, maybe provoke a reaction and sometimes push buttons (but obviously not only that) and basically be honest about real life and real living, which as much as some people might like to choose to ignore does involve sex. The bottom line being I thought Saint Martins had built its reputation on freedom of creative speech, thus the reason for me choosing to study there. I find their 'opening night decision' very interesting.


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sashaburenkov said...

really advanced designs!! it will be great to become better acquainted with your magazine. please, can you show other pages? or you have digital version of this edition?