Thursday, 10 January 2008

_Bjork Vs. Willhelm

_With me (accidently) being on a Bernhard Willhelm theme today, I discovered that not only is he a fuckin talented guy, but he also collaborates with talented others. In this case Bjork, and a sculptural piece for her new album cover (image one), its kind of a mix between a Russian Doll and a melted bag of Chuppa Chups. Apparently, as you can see in the second image the top half of the sculpture was so heavy that it had to be hung on chains over her, then removed afterward. I also discovered that they made a paper sculpture version of the same look (image three) which I think is loads better, as it actually looks real, rather than the actual one used, as that looks like they could have just photoshopped her head into it. The paper one has real tactility. Non the less, its amazing.

I've also shown the knitwear pieces that were shot for the other album images, made by the 'icelandic love corporation' - they're pretty damn cool.


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