Thursday, 10 January 2008

_Mockery, in a good way.

_So I was chatting to a mate as going to hand in my thesis yesterday, and up telling him what I had done in preparation for it, he made the following statement -

"Alright Rob,
Put down your MacBook Pro,
Close your beautiful magazine,
And take off your Marc Jacobs back back,
why are you so eager?!"

Which, although I was being mocked, I felt it pretty much oppitomised me at the minute, so I've decided to blog those three things just to put a smile on my face.

(Memo: My backpack is infact the burgundy one of these, but I like this one too. My MacBook is the gunmetal one, but this one is buff as hell. And the magazine is a current favourite of mine - 'BookCamp' - Japanese bound, hiphop inspired, available in London only in Comme Des Garcons, and it looks ace).

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