Thursday, 10 January 2008

_Willhelm Prt.1

_So Bernhard’s Spring '08 look book is out.

And at immediate glance you can’t help but laugh at the content of it. Before seeing it you would expect to see vogue pictures portraying Bernhard’s new creations and concept. But on his latest look book however, Bernhard mocks the macho attitude and he also kind of laughs at the entire fashion industry - Something to do with the current trend of every label evoking the slim aesthetic or the super refined silhouette, and what Bernhard does is the exact opposite.

I don’t even know if those are a macho versions of the spring pieces. I suppose some of them are, and some of them aren't, but lets be honest, for this one the clothes don’t really matter. It’s the whole concept that it’s important to understand. Apart from the analysis I manage to do, some others have said that by doing this Bernhard sarcastically portrays superhero figures that reflect America’s “current machismo” - which I also kinda like.

The model used was Francois Sagat - a porn actor who studied at the famous Chambre Syndicale and then decided to become a model and work within the fashion industry.

It’s really hard to actually analyze the new collection as if these were the spring looks. Not only because of the rather comical vibe of the look book, but because of the size and cut of the clothes. They are so gigantically big and unusual that is hard to imagine them as if they were off the rack items.

But to be honest, who cares,
It's Willhelm,
So its ace.

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