Friday, 4 January 2008

_Only in LDN

_So after having a crappy thesis/non-thesis based morning in uni this morning i decided the only thing i could do to cheer myself up was to take myself down to the Stussy January sale. After deciding LDN was against me and i liked nothing in store, i left in a strop. Upon exiting the store i walked striaght into some tiny crazy orange haired lady wearing a crazy ass headband that read 'PROPAGANDA', obviously i appologized immediately, as did she, at that she told me how she 'loved' my hair (full mane was on show), for which i thanked her and complimented the colour of hers.

Then I suddenly realized, this crazy orange haired lady was infact Vivienne Westwood, dressed in head to toe new season Westwood, in orange slouch knits and beaten brown leathers, with amazing brown tweed pirate pants and knackered old winkle pickers. She looked ace. And the hair compliment has kept a smile on my face all day.

So yeah, only London town can punch you in the stomach then pick you up and pat you on the back.
Glad to be back.

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