Sunday, 7 March 2010

_Cos SS10

_So, the new Cos magazine launched last week, Art Directed and Designed by Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers - the guys behind 'Fantastic Man' and 'Butt' magazines, with all photography by Alasdair Maclellan and all styling by Joe Mckenna.

Now, with such a powerhouse team I was expecting ALOT.
And maybe that was the problem.

It just feels like something is missing - although I feel the format is much more accessible than previous seasons, and generally it works (or at least will, given a few seasons), I still feel something was missing - the order for starters was just bizarre, and if I'm honest, all outta whack. And some of the features were SO much weaker than the others. Some stuff I wanted more, some less. I loved some of the starkly minimal graphics but at other points I felt it was there to just 'break the rules' but in a painfully obvious way. Overall it felt much more throw away than previous issues. It felt the budget had been cut, when in actual fact, I'm told it was the same as previous seasons, it was just the fact it had been spent of the contributors and not the ideas.

Here's looking to next season. . .

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