Sunday, 21 March 2010

_Its been a busy ass / pretty seminal last week . . .

_And somehow we're back at Sunday night?!

Okay so I'm going to have a bit of a blog catch up now updating you on everything, but here's a bit of a break down.

Warhol Sales.
Store branding / design.
Sending friends back to LA.
Film Premiers.
Studding stone wash Denims.
Website Designing.
Meeting real life Warhol Superstars.
Too many late night films.
Too much late night work.
Volcano Choir to calm the soul.
New cushions.
CSM talk.
Dinners, and lots of them.
Magazines, and lots of them.
And finally I ran out of Diptyque, again?! - Someone, please, sort me out!!

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