Tuesday, 9 March 2010

_I Die . . .

_Last season, Karl Lagerfeld put his Chanel models in a barn, with hay and everything, possibly even burrs. This season he put them on a faux glacier with faux-fur looks to match. But this was not a political statement on climate change and saving baby seals — Karl was just inspired by the Ice Hotel in Sweden, which he has never visited and doesn't seem to want to, quoting he "saw the show in his dreams". So models marched around enormous real icebergs, which were made to look like they sat in a blue sea. The runway was actually a shallow puddle, and models solemnly splashed through a sea of 'berg-melt in shaggy snow boots with ice-block heels. And the finale was given to a wedding dress knitted in silk tulle ribbon to resemble Chanel's bouclĂ© tweed, forming a tight-fitting sweater in the body and then sweeping away in flounces in back. The bride—Freja, again—dangled an ice-block purse on a fur-woven Chanel chain. Sorry, can I repeat that? - AN ICE BLOCK CHANEL 2.55 BAG, DRIPPING.

Yesterday's Chanel show was just as spendy as it looked. Some facts on that runway centerpiece, the greatest piece of ice since, well, maybe this:

1. It weighed 265 tons and stood 28 feet high.
2. It was imported from northern Sweden just for the show.
3. It was composed of snow and ice, a combination that is apparently called "snice" in Chanel Land. And you thought snowicane was bad!

4. The Grand Palais where the show took place was kept at four degrees below Celsius (about 28 Fahrenheit) to keep the ice piece — possibly attendees — from melting.
5. The 'berg was carved by 35 ice sculptors from around the world in six days.

But all the extravagance is the perfect mirror to the collection, which WWD reminds us "doesn't come cheap," even though Karl only used faux fur. Exorbitance is of little concern to Chanel. Last year's sales were reportedly the best in the label's history.

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