Wednesday, 24 March 2010

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_Vincent Gallo's 1998 directional debut Buffalo '66

'Only one thing could bring Billy's mom any joy: an NFL championship for the Bills. She missed the last championship because she went into labor with Billy (played by Vincent Gallo). Billy's dad snapped his dog's neck to teach him responsibility. Billy bet ten grand on the Bills to win in the Super Bowl five years before only to lose that bet on a missed field goal. He did five years in prison taking the fall for the bookie he can't repay. Now he's out. He has to do two things while he's out: visit his parents before killing the kicker who not only lost the Super Bowl for the Bills but also put him away. The only problem is he has to piss. He kidnaps Layla (Played by Christina Ricci) from a dance studio where he goes to urinate so that she can pose as the fictitious wife from the fictitious life he invented in his letters to his parents from jail. She falls for him instantly. He makes the audience uncomfortable as he ignores her advances as he uses her in his plans to eventually kill the kicker while convincing his parents that he lives far away with his beautiful wife.'

So, so creepy and yet quite stunning.

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