Sunday, 21 March 2010

_I BOUGHT A WARHOL (Or a selection at least).

_This week was a fairly seminal one for me, as after over ten years of pining one, I bit the bullet and went to auction in Kensington to buy a Warhol, and after a fairly nerve racking bidding war with a guy, I finally won out and got the following selection of Warhol ephemera for what I feel was a bargain price! ;)

A signed Colorado State University badge; 3 signed cut outs from the 'Queens' series; a signed image from the Myths series; a signed Electric Chair image from the Moderna Museet in Stockholm; a signed Campbell's Soup photograph plus original signed press release; a signed compliment slip from 'Interview' dedicated 'to Bruce Weber'; a signed Andy Warhol book by John Coplands, published by New York Graphic Society.

And after all that, I had to be taken to Laduree, just to calm me down.
Then, like everthing was normal, I went back to working - Very Strange, and surreal, but waking up next the them the next morning felt pretty damn incredible (yes I slept with them by the bed!)

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